which lady gaga cd are you?

which lady gaga cd are you?

by: princessmimi

lady gaga has been around for almost 6 years and she is already one of the world's biggest stars. so take this quiz to see which cd u are!

  1. 1

    which lady gaga cd do you think is the best?

  2. 2

    which song from her is ur fave?

  3. 3

    what is your favorite website to go on from these?

  4. 4

    what job would you love to have?

  5. 5

    what do you constantly dream and think about?

  6. 6

    besides lady gaga, which other female popstar do you like?

  7. 7

    which movie do you like alot?

  8. 8

    if you could change 1 thing in your life what would it be?

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