Do you like really him and not know it?

by: allSpark
  1. 1

    He smiles at you.

  2. 2

    His friend smiles at you.

  3. 3

    He sits near you at lunch with a couple of friends. He gives you a fast smile.

  4. 4

    You are paired with him in science and he drops the test tube.

  5. 5

    He calls to ask about homework

  6. 6

    Your Mom asks if you have a crush. you don't want her to know.

  7. 7

    At a dance, he tries to talk to you...

  8. 8

    You see his picture in the school newspaper

  9. 9

    he offers you a pencil at math.

  10. 10

    he playfully teases you.

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