What music should YOU listen to? (girls, because of "which kind of guy attracts you"? question)

by: hannah989898

Based on this personality test, we'll see what bands and genres of music you should listen to.

Ps. I tried to make it as accurate as I could.

  1. 1

    what are your after school programs?

  2. 2

    What are your favortie colors?

  3. 3

    What is on your myspace page? (or most like it)

  4. 4

    what's your fave drink?

  5. 5

    what kind of movie do you like?

  6. 6

    What kind of person attracts you?

  7. 7

    what is your fave store(s)?

  8. 8

    what is ur favorite show?

  9. 9

    what's yor favorite number?

  10. 10

    what song resembles you?

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