wresling quiz

by: fallfarc
  1. 1

    who returned on raw the nite after survior seris

  2. 2

    how did edge lose the world tittle during this summer

  3. 3

    in ECW which of these wasnt a member of the new breed ever

  4. 4

    when kane removed his mask who did he chokeslam

  5. 5

    who was the first gm of raw

  6. 6

    who did cena defeat for the us tittle at wreslemania 20

  7. 7

    who was the first wcw superstar to invade wwe

  8. 8

    which wcw superstar was undertakers stalker

  9. 9

    which of these wasnt involed in the 6 man hell in a cell

  10. 10

    wat diva was a member of dx

  11. 11

    which of these has never won king of the ring

  12. 12

    which of these has never won a royle rumble

  13. 13

    in wcw wat was erenest millers nickname

  14. 14

    who fought in the first ever hell in a cell

  15. 15

    which of these has never been a match type

  16. 16

    who was the first ever wcw champ

  17. 17

    who did hbk defeat in the first monday nite raw

  18. 18

    who was the original founder of ecw

  19. 19

    on ecw first ppv who became ecw champ

  20. 20

    what happened on wpril 13 2000

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