Can I Sunbathe Before or After Laser Hair Removal

Laser Treatments: Hair Today, Sun Tomorrow?

Chapter 1

Can I Sunbathe Before or After Laser Hair Removal

by: bareskin

Laser Treatments: Hair Today, Sun Tomorrow?

As with all beauty treatments you should always consult with a specialist on what is best for your skin type. When it comes to sun exposure, we all have different resistance levels to sunburn and discolorations before and after a cosmetic treatment. 

Laser hair removal procedures and other permanent hair reduction treatments are today considered safe and successful when executed by trained, experienced professionals that use equipment intended for tanned skin.

It used to be said that you could not go for laser hair removal treatments if you had spent any time in the sun. Stories of permanent scars and discoloration were often used to warn off those who still wanted to pursue treatment despite having a sun-kissed complexion. 

With the arrival of new types of lasers that penetrate deep enough to avoid the top layers of the skin these stories no longer apply. This new equipment has made permanent hair reduction possible even during summer as it bypasses tanned surfaces and reaches down to the bottom of the hair follicle. 

What you need to remember, if you want to have laser hair removal procedures while pursuing a tan, is to let the clinic know when you make your appointment. This is because the equipment used is different from other procedures. If you are unsure of your skin type, you should ask for a consultation where a specialist will evaluate the area to be treated. Consultations should be complimentary and they will help you see how the equipment works as well as learn more about the clinic you are considering.

After your laser hair removal treatment or other permanent hair reduction procedure, your specialist can advise you on how to best protect your skin from harmful rays. As with all activities in the sun it is advisable to use the right sun protection when you are outdoors. If your skin is fair or sensitive and the treatment leaves you with some redness or brief swelling, treat your sensitive skin to the same level of protection as you would without having had a laser treatment – i.e. avoid exposing treated areas to direct sunlight.

The sun should always be taken into consideration regardless of what beauty treatments you have undertaken or what skin type you have. If you cannot avoid direct sunlight following your laser hair removal procedure, practice the same caution you normally would. Try to reduce the number of hours you spend in the open sun and always choose sunscreen that has SPF 30 or 45 to block out harmful rays.

The length of time you should avoid direct sunlight after your laser hair removal procedure will depend on how you respond to your treatment. Some people can be out in the sun within weeks of having a permanent hair reduction while others have to wait much longer before they can stretch out on the beach or by the pool. It is of course possible to apply sunscreen and find a nice spot in the shade or to use a beach umbrella. You do not need to isolate yourself from the sunbathing crowds just because you have pampered yourself with a laser treatment.

It is always good to use a great deal of common sense when assessing what is best for your skin. Heed the guidance you receive from your highly trained and specialized laser hair removal professional and you will not go wrong.


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