Should Traditional Educational System Change?

Should Traditional Educational System Change?

Traditional Education is known as customary education has the main motive to pass on value, manners, skills, and social practices to the next generation. This is how knowledge and lifestyle habits are passed on to other generations. The learning of traditional education includes teaching the customs and traditions to the student of the society he lives in. Along with teaching language, morals, and orally reciting religious books.

Chapter 1

Traditional Education | System, and Criteria

Another name for traditional education is conventional education. It is described as a teacher-centered delivery or a learner-centered approach where all activity in the class is based on the teacher and whatever she does. Students become the receivers of information and education with the teacher being the center or provider.

In traditional schools, educational practices include basic academic learning in various subjects. That education includes reading and writing in the core subjects such as English, social studies, mathematics, etc. Generally, these educational techniques are followed in public schools and charter schools that offer a flexible learning environment for students. Other than that, this educational module is also offered by the schools that operate independently and are not included in the public school jurisdiction such as religious schools, online learning centers, and homeschooling curriculum.

While choosing a school it is important to consider the social atmosphere and availability rather than only focusing on the educational programs. Just like it’s important for a student of university to search for assignment services that provide 'Online Custom Dissertation Help UK' rather than providing the service through their own criteria.

However, traditional schools are very common worldwide that offer basic instructions and life qualities to students from a young age along with proper rules and regulations. But they are lacking somewhere in this digital world. In this article below, we have described the reasons through which we believe that the traditional education system needs a change.

Should Traditional Education System Change?

Along with all the other technological advancements, education has also improved for the better. The initiative of digital education has made it a lot easier and convenient for people to complete degree programs and avail certificates online. However, it has also reduced the access of traditional education.

Other than that, traditional education has been facing a number of shortcomings in recent times. Those flaws are making it less accessible for those who require higher quality education for their children along with different educational programs. The traditional education system has old ways and techniques that are not fulfilling the needs of the current generation. It is believed that traditional schooling is not preparing the young generation for the modern and digital workplace.

Here are some of the reasons why traditional education systems need to change and are considered improper or broken.

Closings of Schools

The closings of schools because they are unable to provide the right kind of educational facilities is considered to be the biggest problem. In addition to that, educational institutions find themselves stuck in major and large budget cuts. Major educational funding leads to budget cuts which leaves parents and students feeling targeted and confused. This leads parents to start homeschooling as it leaves their routine and budget disturbed.

Moreover, educational organizations are pressurized to follow the rules and strategies of the state rather than implementing or experimenting with their own ones as per their own flexibility and environment. Firstly, they are asked to reduce the number of extracurricular activities or different courses and programs and then they are asked to shut down the institution because they were not working effectively.

Less Parental Involvement in Education

With all the advancements in technology, it has become easier and simpler for parents to connect with teachers, tutors, and other educational professionals. It is a much-needed step that parents need to take in order to help teachers with their efforts. Teachers do not get enough time to teach the complex concepts in the classroom to each and every student. Even after the class lectures, students need proper time to revise and review everything at home.

Moreover, the problem increases when it becomes difficult for school management to provide better facilities to communicate and connect. Schools need to give parents the tools that are required for high-level education. Along with that, the competitive workplace nature and environment makes it difficult for parents as well. In this way, they become dependent on schools to provide their kids with every concept and piece of information. But with fewer chances for parents to sit with their children, they don’t get to share the information.

Education needs Innovation

We see technological advancements in our daily lives, but we rarely see advanced and better academic books and writers. Technology is growing and evolving but the use of it in schools is still not enough. The whole educational system along with teachers and management is progressing at snail’s speed.

However, the curriculum standards are getting better but the practices, policy, and mindset are still the same worldwide where an individual has to take start from kindergarten till grade 12. This mentality leaves some people rebellious. Other people find their own ways of earning such as freelancing, etc. Not everyone likes to fit in the societal practices of studying for more than 12 years of your life and then working a 9 to 5 job.


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