Award-winning Metal Fabricators in Grand Cayman - Gates, Fencing, Decorative Metal Arts & More.

Get top-notch metal fabrication services in the Cayman Islands with Artisan Metal Work. We offer railing, welding, water jet cutting & other bespoke services.

Chapter 1

How to Choose a Metal Fabrication Partner for Your Next Project?

Finding a supplier who can deliver quality and on-time service can be the hardest part of any project. Why should choosing a metal fabricator in the Cayman Islands be any different?

Metal fabrication can cost huge sums of money. Not only are materials expensive, but customer expectations, the design process, scope- and cost-creep and the installation itself can present all manner of problems that cause cost overruns, missed deadlines and dissatisfied clients.

Cayman Islands metal fabricators and their customers face a harsh environment with the heat, the humidity, the threat of hurricanes and ever-present corrosive salt spray coming off the ocean. Shutters and other outdoor fixtures such as gates, fences, light fittings, stairs, and Cayman Islands metal railings have a hard life in this environment and will soon deteriorate unless the materials are suitable for the environment they will be exposed to and the workmanship is of the highest quality.

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