omg no (revamped)

my new version of that dumb story ok this one is


like u


but u r the


cutie u turn me on wow

Chapter 1

ur mom

by: uglyhog

we were at home, on the couch, about to watch a movie. i picked out 50 shades of gray tonight. i look at you and smile. you put your arm around me and kiss me on the cheek. after about 40 minutes of the movie, i get kinda hornyy. i look down at your crotch and get hornierr. i cannot help myself so i jump on top of you and start kissing you. i bite your lip and kiss your neck. you touch one of my tiddies and i get even hornierr. i then move up and kiss you some more. i take your shirt off and get off your lap for a second. when i get up i take my shirt off and show you my tiddies and let you touch them. and then i take off my pants and show you that too. i look over and you are hard. i pull down your pants and you lay me down on the couch and get on top of me. you slowly insert your throbbing dickk in me and hear me moan quietly. you thrust in and out of me and hear me moan louder. you thrust slower for a bit and then violently pound me. i moan really loud and you slow down. as you fuckk me you grab my hand and hold it. you start to kiss me as well. i smile at you. in my head- "what an amazing boyfriend i have.. he's so sweet and caring and-" you start pounding me all of a sudden again and i moan louder. you smile and then wink at me and pound me even harder. i moan even louder than before. you moan quietly trying to hide it and cumm in me. you leave your dickk in me for about 5 second and then start thrusting at a slow pace. you go back down and kiss me again. you go back up because you feel something on your dickk. you look and your cumm is dripping out of me and dripping down onto the couch.


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