Interesting Ways to Earn Money As A Java Developer

Interesting Ways to Earn Money As A Java Developer.

Chapter 1

Interesting Ways to Earn Money As A Java Developer

Being a Java developer is as prestigious as it sounds. It is also equally prospective. However, not everyone who learns to code wants to do a coding job for life. That is why they need to look for interesting opportunities so they can do what they like. Here are some things you can try: 

Internet of Things: The Internet of Things is a trendy topic in the tech industry. Since it is fairly new, it has a growing market right now and a lot of potential for the future. That means it also has a lot of scope for work. You can work in the field by building devices of the IoT. You can also develop software that will help various devices to work collaboratively in an IoT environment. Sure it will involve coding, but who said coding couldn't be fun? 

Build Robots: It may seem surprising, but you can earn money by building robots. Everyday, we hear a lot about artificial intelligence and how it is soon to take over the world. While it is inevitable that robots cannot replace people's jobs, we are yet to know how far they can take us. Robots can bring massive changes to the world. You can be a part of this change by helping to build and maintain robots. You can also build robot friendly applications. The options are endless if you can use your power of imagination. 

Contribute to Science: The field of science has many opportunities for developers. Science has often tried to solve problems with the help of programming languages. Java has so many different libraries that can be used for scientific purposes. You can contribute to this and help the world of scientists. 

Start a Blog: If you are passionate about Java, you can also start a blog. Your blog can focus on all things related to Java. You can also write about technological developments. Do not forget to monetise your blog so that you earn money from what you write. It will take some time for your blogging site to grow, but once it gains popularity, you will make a good amount from it. 

Create Teaching Material: As a professional Java developer for hire, you can also create a course for others. You can work on a comprehensive teaching material for beginners. If you do not know how to do it, you can check out the various courses on Coursera, Udemy and other platforms and follow their pattern. You can submit this on some online learning platform. Decide on what your material will cost. You will earn money every time someone subscribes to your courses. You will also be contributing to the Java community. 

Develop Games: With Java, you can develop 2D games. If you like to play games, then you can also contribute to the gaming industry by creating one. You can either join a company that develops games or start developing one yourself. Java has several libraries such as LWJGL or Lightweight Java Game Library for creating games in Java. 

Work for Animation Firms like ILM: Industrial Light and Magic and other such firms often require Java for programming purposes. You will get to work in a team to build applications. ILM also uses Java and Python for sequencing animation scenes and doing other such tasks. It is an interesting job opportunity because you not only develop an application, but you also get to see the results on the big screen. 

Work at NASA: Ever dreamt of working at NASA? You may now be able to fulfil your dream as a Java developer. Java has many interesting applications in NASA. Its World Wind SDK was built using Java, and today it supports ninety different applications. NASA also developed an app that finds bugs in Java codes. You may get the opportunity to contribute to one of these projects. Do a simple online search and see if they have a job listing somewhere. 


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