Java or Python: What Should You Choose?

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages that have often been compared with each other.

Chapter 1

Java or Python: What Should You Choose?

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages that have often been compared with each other. Java has seen the test of time, and it is the primary reason for its popularity while Python has only gained prominence in the last few years. 

What is Java? 

Java is an object-oriented programming language and is also known as a general-purpose language. It was developed as a language that would have to be written only once but could be run on any platform. The only requirement for this is a Java Virtual Machine or JVM. 

What is Python? 

Python is also a general-purpose programming language. It was initially developed as a high-level language that would be clean and readable despite its level. Python aimed to simplify some of the major complexities involved in coding and web programming. 

Is Python Better than Java? 

When comparing two programming languages, some of the factors that are taken into consideration are their syntax, performance, and so on. Here are some of them: 

Syntax: Syntax in Java is somewhat complicated. It has strict rules for syntax. Since the language is statically typed, it requires the variable types to be declared explicitly to compile codes. Beginner level developers often find this method difficult, whereas experts consider it as the clarity of the language. It is also often difficult to follow indentation rules when the codebases are large.

In Python, however, the syntax is relatively very simple. Since it is dynamically typed, it does not require defined variable types. Instead, these types are interpreted, and runtime checks are made automatically. This means the resulting syntax is in plain language. It is easy to read, even for beginners. Another factor which makes Python's syntax so readable is the lack of indentation rules and enclosing brackets. 

Speed and Performance: Neither Java nor Python are high-performing languages, but when it comes to comparison Java is faster. It is better in terms of raw portable performance. Java has a JVM which is optimised for execution on virtual machines. When a program is being executed, it can easily translate bytecode and change it into native machine code. This feature is called Just-In-Time compilation and makes Java's performance better than that of Python. Java also supports concurrency, unlike Python, which is a sequential language. That is why Java code is easily able to work with the advantages of multi-core processors and Python fails to do so. 

Popularity: Both Java and Python are popular among web developers. While Java's popularity has sustained for many years, Python's popularity has grown only the last few years. It is a relatively new language and therefore not as time-tested as Java. Yet, it has highly advanced features and meets some of the major requirements of web development today. Neither of these languages is likely to see their popularity dwindle in the years to come. Instead, it will grow even further and will continue to be chosen by future developers. 

Back-end web development- Java or Python?

Both Java and Python are back-end languages. Therefore it easier to compare them in this regard. As back-end languages, Java and Python have several frameworks where they can be used to their full potential. Java Spring is Java's most popular framework for back-end development. It has many outstanding features. It is robust and powerful and is the perfect choice for developing enterprise-level web applications. It's also the most popular among Java developers.

Python's most popular frameworks are Flask and Django. Flask is a micro framework that comes with basic functionalities. Despite being a micro framework, it is powerful and highly beneficial. Django has more than just basic features. It has an ORM layer to work with databases. It also focuses on application security and efficiency in development. The frameworks of both Python and Java have several features and benefits for back-end development. Therefore, determining which is better depends on personal preference and the ease of usage, which varies from developer to developer.

Which is More Suitable for Future Web Development? 

Web development in the future will see more of AI. It will integrate AI in development and explore newer possibilities. Machine learning is also in trend. Python is more suitable for experimenting with machine learning as well as integrating artificial intelligence in web development. It has many libraries that facilitate AI development and machine learning. Some of the prominent ones include PyTorch, TensorFlow, Sickit-Learn, and so on.

Even Java facilitates machine learning because of its ease of debugging. It is largely being used in big enterprises and will likely have its usage in future enterprises as well. Some of its prominent Libraries include MOA, Mallet, Weka, and so on. 


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