Best Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

Best Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

Many ex cons have reported being successfully hired with the help of staffing agencies, and have transferred from a part time temporary positions to full time jobs with benefits.

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Best Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

If you have a felony conviction and have been struggling to find work, going through a temp agency may give you a better chance at employment.

There are hundreds of temp and staffing agencies across the US and many of them have a history of hiring felons.

Learn about what its like to work for a temp agency, what the benefits are, and how to find the right temp agency near you.

Many ex cons have reported being successfully hired with the help of staffing agencies, and have transferred from a part time temporary positions to full time jobs with benefits.

What is a temp agency?

A staffing agency, or a temporary employment agency is an organization that matches employers with employees and charges a fee for their services. Some temp agencies specialize in a particular field, like health care or hospitality. However, most agencies have contacts with employers in a broad range of industries.

There are large temp agencies with thousands of positions available and office branches across the US. There are also small local temp agencies, which tend to work with smaller companies that are in the area.

Temp Agencies That Hire Felons Near Me [2019 UPDATED]

Top temp agencies for felon-friendly jobs

Here is a list of 30 temp agencies that have offices all over America and have a history of working with felons. These agencies have many jobs for felons, and new ones come in almost every day.

Adecco: one of the largest temp agencies with branches in many states. They have jobs in pretty much any industry you can think of: accounting, finances, customer service, call centers, hospitality, human resources, marketing, industrial, manufacturing, office and clerical, transportation, retail, warehouse and more.

Aerotek Recruiting: this is a huge global staffing agency that has an office in almost every city in the US. Jobs are available in pretty much any industry you can think of. They have over 160,000 industrial and skilled trade jobs that you can apply for.

All Team Staffing: this temp agency has a reputation for matching workers with quality positions. They help fill positions in labor and light industrial, hospitality services, food production, administrative and clerical, healthcare, environment.

Artisan Talent: this is a unique agency that matches professionals with small and large businesses in the fields of marketing, digital, coding, UX development, and more. Offices are located in Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, Rockford, Auburn Hills, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.

Aramark: this is a very large staffing agency with over 270,000 workers. Hundreds of jobs are available in: food production, hospitality, education, manufacturing, facilities and healthcare service, and more.

Customer Driven Staffing: this large staffing agency offers hundreds of jobs in light industrial, hospitality, warehouse, clerical. construction and technology. Despite its size, the agency cares about each temp worker and has a very high retention rate.

CareerCo: this agency has close to 32,000 members and thousands of job openings in all fields. They have a proprietary job matching system called WOOF that delivers job matches based on your preferences, geographic location, experience, skills, interests, etc.

Dillard & Associates Staffing: this is the ONLY agency that is dedicated to finding work specifically for felons. That’s right! They say it right on the website, and also offer resources, such as resume writing help.

How to Hire Loyal People

Elite Staffing: this nationwide temp agency provides hundreds of positions primarily in the fields of: warehouse and drop shipping, light and skilled industrial, fulfillment, and manufacturing.

ExpressPros: this huge global agency employs over 540,000 people and has over 800 branches worldwide. They hire in the fields of administrative, commercial (assembler, forklift driver, welder, lathe operator, maintenance worker), shipping/receiving, industrial, warehouse, and finance.

Frontline Source Group: this is one of the fastest growing placement firms in the US. They offers jobs in human resources, oil and gas, administrative, IT, customer service, engineering, healthcare, accounting and finances.

Integrity Staffing: this highly reputable temp agency has offices in almost every state in the US. They help place people in jobs with Amazon, warehouse, clerical, administrative, and finance.

Kelly Services: this is a global agency that has branches in countries on every continent. They employ close to 500,000 temps and have many jobs that could work for ex-cons. These include: building, construction, skilled trades, call center, customer support, food services, hospitality, installation, maintenance, repairs, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, production, operations.

Manpower: to apply with this agency your felony must be more than 7 years old. There are jobs available in the following fields: trade and services, oil and gas, manufacturing and production, industrial, distribution and supply chain, defense and military, catering and restaurant services, hospitality, retail, agriculture, and many more.

MVP: this agency works with hundreds of employers in different states, and across many industries. Reportedly, some of the employers they work with don’t require a background check. Jobs in: manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, light industrial, food processing, department stores, clerical and small businesses.

Nesco Resource: this is one of leading national staffing agencies. They offer both temporary and permanent positions in the fields of: IT, accounting and finance, light Industrial and clerical.

NetTemps: they offer a quick way to search for and find jobs. All you need to do is fill out our name, email, and provide a resume online. Then you search for jobs on their website, based on your criteria. You will also receive email alerts when jobs you are interested in come up.

People Ready: this huge temp agency has hundreds of skilled and unskilled labor positions that may be a great match for someone with a felony. These include: skilled trades, construction, general labor, warehouse and distribution centers, transportation, waste management and recycling, hospitality, manufacturing.

Pirate Staffing: they specialize in jobs that require manual labor in a wide range of industries. Opportunities include: laborers, plumbing, sign holders, food service, restoration, order puller, construction, Class A, B, C, CDL Drivers, skilled trades, warehousing, janitorial, manufacturing, caterers, assembly, freight handling, forklift operators.

PrideStaff: this agency works both with large corporations, as well as mid-size and small businesses, across many industries. Felons can apply for jobs in customer service, clerical and administrative, IT, hospitality, manufacturing, food production, general labor, assembly and production, packaging, shipping and receiving, warehouse, and more.

ProLogistix: leading agency in the entire country that specializes exclusively in logistics jobs at warehouses across the states.

Resource MFG: this agency has a niche and specializes only manufacturing jobs throughout the country. They have branches in 34 states.


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