Top 6 Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

Top 6 Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

Leadership is a vital arm of any company, but nonprofits in particular depend on passionate individuals with not only the experience and talent to lead, but also a deep conviction for their work. Finding the right leader to implement your nonprofit’s mission can be time consuming and costly, especially if he or she isn’t the right fit.

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Top 6 Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

Top 6 nonprofit executive search firms:

1. TruPath

If you are looking to hire mid to senior level professionals, then TruPath is a staffing agency with a focus on serving nonprofits. TruPath looks beyond the resume to offer staffing services that help organizations grow with culturally aligned talent. TruPath’s consultative approach starts by learning the functions and dynamics of your organization. Then, TruPath identifies candidates based on cultural values, aligned behaviors, and required functional expertise. The experience and specialized focus ensures that you’ll find the right leader for your organization and team.

Contact TruPath to learn more about how they can help you find qualified nonprofit executives.


Phone: 1-844-TRUPATH (878-7284)

2. BoardWalk Consulting

BoardWalk Consulting is a national executive search firm in Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on hiring CEOs and senior leaders for nonprofits and foundations. The firm consists of experienced practitioners who have served as nonprofit executives, grant makers and Board leaders for a wide variety of organizations.


Phone: 404-262-7392

nonprofit executive search firms

3. Spano Pratt Executive Search

Spano Pratt Executive Search is based in Milwaukee, WI and specializes in recruiting candidates for nonprofit organizations, which offer mission-based and purposeful employment. This executive search firm has nationwide search capabilities and has continually succeeded in providing executive search services that align with the organization’s strategy. They work in partnership with the hiring committees, search committees, boards and trustees who make hiring decisions.


Phone: 414-283-9533

4. Kittleman

Kittleman has offices in Chicago, Denver, and Philadelphia. It’s the country’s first executive search firm specializing in the recruiting of executives for nonprofit organizations. Kittleman helps nonprofits work towards their missions by finding the right leadership to guide them.


Phone: 312-767-4951

5. DB&A Executive Search & Recruitment

DB&A Executive Search & Recruitment’s seven-step structured process identifies the best available candidates for your position. They then stay flexible to changing circumstance and specific requests. This firm guarantees an exceptionally well-qualified placement, who is well-suited to fit your mission and meet your needs.


Phone: 800-382-0219

6. PNP Staffing Group

PNP Staffing Group is a full service staffing firm located in New York, New York offering recruiting and staffing services specifically to the nonprofit, association and social good sectors. The PNP team are thought leaders in the areas of human capital development, talent acquisition and nonprofit leadership.


Phone: 212-546-9091

For more information on nonprofit executive search firms and candidate search at all levels of experience, we have a number of additional resources to reference:


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