Snake is one of the very common reptiles which can be spotted in India. There are a number of species from some common 'not so dangerous' to few very poisonous snakes.

Chapter 1

Everything you Need to Know About Snakes

Snake is one of the very common reptiles which can be spotted in India. There are a number of species from some common 'not so dangerous' to few very poisonous snakes. India is one of the top countries when it comes to cases of snake bites. There are many cases where the victim survives but, many a time, it also becomes life taking.

Reports show that there are more than 60 poisonous snakes in India which have been taking the lives of many people in the past time. Nearly 50,000 people lose their battles every year against the deadly bites of these poisonous snakes in India.

How does It look Like?

We can simply define it has a wound that is caused because of a snake bite, ut can be poisonous or not, resulting in various medical issues in the body like pain, paralysis, unconsciousness, vomiting and even death in some extreme cases.

Symptoms Related To It

You can identify if a snake has bitten you by examining the wound considering the factors mentioned below. Some very common symptoms are listed below:

 Two red marks near the wounded region.

Colour of the skin changes near the bite.

Headache, stomach ache can occur.

Blurry vision, unconsciousness and vomiting are also caused after the bite.

Diarrhoea, bleeding, allergy and nausea may occur.

Pulse rate increases, decrease in blood pressure, feeling of tiredness and weakness in the body muscle are other immediate symptoms.

Excess perspiration and person may feel thirsty.

First Aid

Some immediate medical actions can be taken which can be helpful in reducing the extent of hazard caused by the bite of these poisonous snakes in India.

Some basic first aid is:

Try to prevent as much movement as possible to prevent the spread of the poison in the victim's body.

A common practice is is that you should try to keep the wounded region above the heart level of the victim.

You can also use a bandage to cover it.

 If the wound is caused in the legs, take off the shoes. JJewellerymust also is taken off if they are close to the wounded area.

Try to provide sufficient information to the medical team so that, they can identify the snakes and start the treatment accordingly. These basic actions can save the deaths caused by these bites.

What You Should Not Do

There are many rumours and ill practices that people use. Try to avoid that as instead of solving the problem, it creates more hazards. Some of them are listed below:

Never ever try cutting the areas near the wounded region to stop the blood flow.

Sucking out the poison from the wound works only in movies. You should not try that.

You should not put ice or water or other things, caffeinated drinks, alcohols or home remedies until proper help reaches the victim.

Remember that, not every bite is deadly and not every snake is venomous. So instead of panicking, you should use your brain to cope up with the situation by properly understand the situation and reacting properly.


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