Some of the Most Asked Questions about Gaming

Today we are going to be discussing in detail a few of the most popular questions about gaming, so without further ado, let's get started.

Chapter 1

Some of the Most Asked Questions about Gaming


Does gaming make you violent?

This has always been a very hot topic regarding gaming, that does gaming makes you violent or not? Well, I would say that it depends upon the person and their nature that how do they use to play the game like with what mindset are they playing that game that depends on it.

Mostly, people usually target the FPS and Shooting games category because it has sensitive content such as killing, murder, etc. Otherwise, many other categories are being targeted but FPS and Shooting are on the verge of being a controversial topic for the Q and A.

Let’s come back to our main point about violence regarding gaming. Well, when a game is released it is being categorized in a category such as action, adventure, etc. It is also categorized in the age group category such as if a game is released and you go to buy a game from an official store, they will first ask you about your age because if there’s a game which has killing included in it then it’s not suitable for children. Teens and above might be eligible enough to play but the children won’t be.

If we look at some of the most popular DOS Games violence was not a thing that was considered but today this has become a serious issue.

In summary, you must be mature enough to experience sensitive gaming as I mentioned above and fulfill all the requirements that the game has provided such as age limit.

Are PC gamers superior to console players?

The answer is No, this is the biggest debate in our gaming community till now that PC gamers have supremacy over console gamers, well that’s not true. Just because you can download cracked games from the internet and play it for free doesn’t mean that you have supremacy over the gamers of other platforms (consoles). PC gamers marvel at their league whereas, console players have great titles.

PC gamers have plenty of different marketplaces where they can find cheap games while console players have the membership of their gaming platform such PS PLUS, Xbox Live, etc. which provides console gamers discount on certain games due to their membership subscription the same service is also being provided on some PC gaming store similarly. So there’s no point to compare, both are the champions in their league.  

This has been a very controversial topic in the gaming community but it’s more like a trolling, both gamers of both platforms troll each other and enjoy it so it has become more like fun to do with the gamers of different gaming platforms, they troll each other but most importantly they love each other as well. There’s no such hate being created by anyone it’s just for fun.

Do you prefer multiplayer games or to go solo?

Some people prefer single story or single-player games while others like multiplayer games. Nowadays gaming has become so popular that everyone wants to own both solo games and multiplayer. So, developers have made it easier for the audience that they now release a game in a bundle which includes both story mode or solo and multiplayer as well.

But some developers limit it somehow that if you want to play the multiplayer, you’ll have to pay to get an amount example 20$ or own a subscription, etc.

Multiplayer these days mostly focus on Battle Royale games. And they are free to play which attracts the gamers most because who doesn’t want to get a game for free. The category that it features is FPS and shooting games as I mentioned above, it is one of the most demanding categories of all time.

Do you prefer co-op or player vs player?

If you’re a sports fan then you must have fallen in love playing games like football and cricket on your console or PC e.g. FIFA, Cricket 07 or PES. Co-op means you play with a partner, your friend, or your siblings at your home in real-time whereas player vs player means multiplayer or you can say online gaming.

Gamers, either it’s a PC gamer or it’s a console player love online gaming because you don’t need to go specifically to your friend’s house to play the game, you can play together sitting at your own house.

Due to flexibility and feasibility being provided in Multiplayer games so it is more demanding these days but more games feature co-op with a good storyline or mostly they are some sports games.

Has a game's storyline ever made you cry?

Yes, several games made me cry for real and made me burst into tears. If a game has a good storyline is most likely to become a masterpiece for the gaming community because all that matters to the audience is a good storyline.

Some people really when playing games, find the character to be themselves and play it with full compassion and emotions believing that it’s them which helps them forgetting all the problems and leaving the stress and depression behind but when it comes to the emotional part in the game, gamers also cry like a baby like if it was them and that tragedy that happened in-game happened to them as they believe playing it the character is them.  

It made us cry mostly because of somewhere the story of gaming is connected to the story of our life and when we play it in the game it reminds you of that memory or about that specific time, for example, a betrayal in the game. You must have been betrayed by the one you love the most so that makes sense why it makes us cry.


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