Scenic Maryland Venues for Your Prenup Photos or Wedding

Getting married is a wonderful step that can change the rest of your life. One way to commemorate this big event is to take pictures.

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If you are planning a Maryland wedding or you want a destination wedding that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, here is a list of places in Maryland that you can check out for your prenup or wedding pictorial and even wedding venue:

North Beach

If you want the beautiful beach shots and oceanfront pictures, then North Beach is the destination for you. Recently voted as the best bay town in America, the town comes with a beautiful boardwalk and a fishing pier aside from the beautiful beaches. There is also the wetlands park, the Bayside History Museum, and a lot of restaurants and shops around the area.

Solomons Island

For the artsy couple, Solomons Island is a must-see. The town has a lot of art galleries, small artsy shops, and there are local music concerts that you can enjoy almost every night. The small town is located on the water and takes pride in their scenic ships, docks, and lake views. The place is known for their fresh seafood, and you can have a lot of water-based leisure activities to keep your guests busy. Solomons Island is also home to the Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park and Arts Center, the Calvert Marine Museum, and the preserved Drum Point Lighthouse – all beautiful venues for your photos. Get more details about stonefoot kindly visit on this link.

St. Michaels

If you want Victorian-style homes or maritime settings for your pictures, then St. Michaels is the town for you. The small town is rich in history and is mostly known for its seafood processing and building ships. You can find the famous Chesapeake Bay blue crabs in the area. The town is also home to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, the St. Michaels Winery, and the 1987 Hooper Strait Lighthouse.

Assateague Island

If you want a “wild” and “untouched” background, the Assateague Island is a great location. The island is home to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Park, Assateague State Park, and the Assateague Lighthouse. On the island, you will encounter a lot of wildlife animals that roam freely – you will even see wild horses on the shore.


If you want a dramatic setting, the ghost town of Daniels can make a romantically eerie backdrop for your photos. The old, abandoned townhouses the Daniels Mill – a site that is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The town used to be occupied by textile mill workers and was abandoned when the Daniels Company decided to close all housing units in the town in 1968. By 1972, a tropical storm did most of the damages to the remaining ruins that you can see today. You can see a lot of old abandoned structures, cars, and an old church in the area.

Mallows Bay Park

Another dramatic backdrop for your photos can be found in the Mallows Bay Park where you can find the WWI Ghost Fleet – known as the largest ship graveyard that you can find in the northern hemisphere, boasting some 200 vessels. You will find a lot of historic shipwrecks from the Revolutionary War and World War I. The area is also a must-see for those who love kayaking, fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching.

St. Mary’s City

This town is Maryland’s first capital and colonial settlement. Today, it is a large historic area. Some parts were reconstructed to look like the original colonial town, making it a living history area and museum complex called “Historic St. Mary’s City” and you can see guides with colonial costumes providing visitors with facts and history and help them go through hands-on activities from the colonial life. The whole thing can be a great setting for your pictorial.


Of course, we should not leave out the capital city of the state of Maryland. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants with a beautiful ocean view in the area. Having your wedding there means that your guests will have no trouble doing last-minute purchases or weddings gift because there are a lot of shops as well. The city also has a lively nightlife that can keep your guests entertained.

Maryland is full of natural wonders and beautifully preserved old towns. Maryland also offers a variety of tourist attractions like museums, lighthouses, and national parks. You definitely will not regret having your special day here.


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