Steps To Use Your Espresso Maker Machine

Steps To Use Your Espresso Maker Machine

Steps To Use Your Espresso Maker Machine

Chapter 1

Steps To Use Your Espresso Maker Machine

Knowing how to use the espresso maker machine is thefirst thing that everyone should know before trying to prepare the espresso. Since different espresso machines have varying guides on how to use them, it is essential to read the vital steps that every espresso machine requires to operate. Failing to know the best way to use the espresso machine will automatically make you prepare a coffee that tastes horrible. Below are some of the top six essential steps for using the best espresso machines under 200. 

Those steps are;

Step 1. Preheat your espresso machine

Preheating your espresso maker is the first thing that everyone should do before starting to prepare the espresso. The preheating time may vary from one model to another. That is because they have different heating materials. Some machines need to get preheated for about 25 minutes to allow the machine to warm-up well. If you have limited time to do the preheating, you can choose to pull a blank shot when you omit espresso from the portafilter. After performing the first step, now your best espresso machines under 200 is ready for the work.

Step 2. Measure the coffee beans to grind

Depending on the quantity of the grounded coffee you need, you may need a varying quantity of roasted coffee beans. After measuring the coffee beans, you want to grind, begin by setting the grinder to the finest grind size. Many people do not know that the size of the ground coffee can affect the taste of the espresso. Very fine grounded coffee will provide an excellent taste as compared to the other with large particles. Some espresso machine has inbuilt grinder while others do not. But the good thing is that they all provide a well-grounded coffee. 

Step 3. Tamp your grounded coffee beans

After your coffee beanis well-grounded, now you need to tamper the grounded coffee beans. The purpose of tampering is to ensure the top of the espresso puck is well polished. Once you have done with tampering and preparing the grounded beans, you are almost done with the espresso preparation.

Step 4. Pull the first shot

After preparing the grounded beans, you need to place them on the espresso gently to ensure the polished part does not move from the puck. Depending on the type of espresso that you are using, you may require to pull the first short differently. For instance, some automatic espresso requires you to dial and observe when the color of the espresso starts to fade. Waiting for about 10 to 15 seconds depending on the rate that the machine is pouring the coffee. By following all the above-discussed steps, you will be able to prepare your favorite espresso easily. 


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