Running Drills To Improve Speed And Stamina

Running Drills To Improve Speed And Stamina

Running Drills To Improve Speed And Stamina

Chapter 1

Running Drills To Improve Speed And Stamina

Taking care of your body is very important. There are various ways to improve your running drills and exercise sessions. Exercise is one of the best things to do each day to keep your body and mind healthy. There are different ways to improve your aerobic capacity gradually with no pressure. The aerobics helps to improve your circulatory system by reducing the chances of acquiring heart diseases or stroke. Working-out and running improve the body's metabolism rate, thereby creating muscles and speed each time you train.

Hill Warm-up

Hill drill is applicable and useful to all runners, whether you want to increase speed or endurance. The warm-up is best to improve your confidence, mental fitness, and muscle strength. Apart from that, the hill work-out reduces the accumulation of body fats that may cause fatigue, cramps, and body infirmity. To do the hill exercise, you repeatedly sprint up the hill faster and jog back down. The regime takes at least 30 seconds of jogging up and six to eight times of constant going up the hill and down.

Temple run

Temple run, alias Lactate Threshold, helps you control your body's sustainability. The run at some point may cause heavy breathing before the body adjusts its usual endurance running drills. The run takes 30 seconds per mile, where you can take warm-up breathers and cooldowns. To do a complete temple run, you are required to set a pace and hold it for 20 minutes. You are at liberty to increase the speed and time to sustain your running durability.

Yasso 800's

Yasso is one of the best practices to improve and increase your endurance. The regime applies to marathon runners while training. The best way to do the Yasso 800's is by running an 800-meter distance. To stop, you need to either walk or jog at the same pace and time to recover. For the first time, you need to complete repeated runs of three to four repetitions, and later you may have at least one such run a week. 



The best thing about this type of running is that it is unstructured. You can switch intensities depending on the power of the exercise and how you feel. Fartlek allows you to increase your speed at a rhythm, for instance, when a new song on your playlist starts or when running towards a set mark. This type of run allows you to choose your suitable place to run on whether jog or sprint up the hill or at a flat area aiming at a point.


A strider is a pre-run stimulant that is done by short sprints. Before doing the striders, you should warm-up normally and concentrate on your technique. Increase your speed gradually and hold for at least50 meters. Ensure you repeat that at least once a week.


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