What Is Explanation Texts ?

Explanation texts are texts that explain the occurrence of a natural or social phenomenon based on their causal relationship in sequence.

Chapter 1

Explanation Texts

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Explanation texts are texts that explain the occurrence of a natural or social phenomenon based on their causal relationship in sequence.


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   Explain the processes and relationships of causality

RELATIONSHIP CAUSALITY: cause-effect relationships, forming of an event, showing the dependence or relationship of two realities.


Explanation text resembles procedure text in the process explanation. But overall, the difference between explanatory text and procedure text can be seen from the structure and purpose. Following the structure.

   General statement, contains the initial explanation of an event

   The sequence of causation, contains the chronology of events from beginning to end.

   Interpretation, containing conclusions, an explanation of the impact of the event, and opinions about the event described.


   Use of passive sentences

   Wear causal conjunctions and time

   Many scientific terms

   Material and relational verbs

   News sentence


Example 1


Nationalgeographic.co.id - Uncontrolled forest fires occur in several countries such as Portugal, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and California. Researchers say, this disaster is related to global warming. Factors such as illegal logging and chaotic forest management have also triggered the frequency and intensity of fires.

"Forests are already sick, but climate change is the accelerator," said David Bowman, professor of environmental biology change from the University of Tasmania.

According to firefighters, the best recipe for triggering fires is hot, dry and windy weather. Climate like that, now occurs more often due to climate change.

"In addition to making air drier and hotter, climate change also creates more ecosystems that are prone to burning," said Christoper Williams, director of environmental science at Clark University.

In the past 20 years, France and Portugal have experienced three to four times extreme drought. In fact, that usually only happens once in a century. A dry climate means that more trees, shrubs and grasses will die. This creates more fuel for fire.

"Years of drought have resulted in more flammable biomass," said Michel Vennetier, engineer at the National Research of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA).

To make matters worse, more and more new species are growing in arid regions.

"Plants that like moisture have disappeared, replaced by flammable plants that are 'friends' with dry weather - like rosemary and lavender," Vennetier said. "The changes occur quite quickly," he added.

Thirsty plants

With less rainfall, trees and bushes will send deeper roots to the ground. This is done so that it can suck more water that fertilizes the leaves. However, as a result, water vapor on Earth that is able to slow down the flames no longer exists. In the northern hemisphere, the fire season is usually short - only in June and August.

"However, at present, the fire-prone period occurs in June to October," said Thomas Curt, a scientist from IRSTEA.

In fact, in California, there are no more fire periods. Some experts say the disaster could strike California at any time of the year. Climate change not only triggers fires, but also increases its intensity.

"If the fire is too intense, as seen today in California and Greece a few weeks ago, there is no definite time when it can be stopped," Flannigan said.

With the temperature getting hotter, the beetles began to head towards the Canadian boreal forest. Wreaking havoc and damaging trees along the way.

"This beetle outbreak increases vulnerability to fire because it adds a lot of dead trees," Williams said.

Globally, forests store 45% of Earth's carbon and absorb a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions created by humans. However, when forests die and burn, some carbon is released back into the atmosphere and ultimately contributes to climate change. Then, climate change will cause fires on Earth. According to researchers, this process is like a vicious circle with no end.

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