Factors to be kept in mind while designing a e-commerce website

One of the most exciting and lucrative industries on Internet is E Commerce. In order to reach the successful destination

Chapter 1

Make it easy to identify the products

by: saini

One of the most exciting and lucrative industries on Internet is E Commerce. In order to reach the successful destination, a website is necessary to reach out to the customers to have an exceptional experience on every page. They must be able to get attracted to the display of the products that the stakeholders put on all the pages.Regardless of the products that anyone sell or the demographic that the business wants to target, there are five key steps for any e-commerce website design

1. Make it easy to identify the products

It is always necessary to look up to customer satisfaction and their needs. The e-commerce website design must be designed in such a way that customers can find the products they want from any page and at any time with easy access. This includes simple navigation menus, intuitive search functionalities, and labelling things clearly on the website. These qualities are more essential for attracting the customers to buy products online.

2. Make Navigation Menus easier

Make sure to put menus that have top level categories and also those which hold the sub category of products. With such kind of organization, people can click through the categories to find the specific products they want to buy.

3. Intuitive search functionality

For all the e-commerce customers, an advanced search function would be a breath of fresh air. This helps the customers look up to what they want to buy and what are the new arrivals in store Though it takes some time for testing the high level search function, it’ a great addition to the website.

4. Clear labelling

There is one vital quality which makes the customers to stick on what they want and what they want to buy. Clear labelling which means that the product is described with less words, unique title and precisely. Hence with the description itself, Whether the differences are in colors, vendors, or some other criteria, a customer should be able to know what criteria makes a product unique with one quick glance.

These are the major things that have to be kept in mind in e-commerce website design. Making the online shopping successful and interesting to use, the above factors are most important, any lose in grip would make the whole experience bad. The website must make the customer believe that they have landed on the right page and not the other way round.


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