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Above is the review about yamaha ypt 230 keyboard

Chapter 1

Yamaha YPT 230 Keyboard Review

by: Kr200

You should buy the Yamaha YPT-230 because nothing will beat the features that you will get with the product for the price that you pay for it. It has everything you need to make your music pleasing to the ears and creative.

Playing the keyboard is one skill that many parents truly wish there children will acquire at an early stage of their life. Now, with the Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand, parents won’t have worry about letting their kids catch on playing the keyboard with relative ease.

This product has all that is needed both for the starting keyboard players up to the experts. It has features that will not only lead you to produce quality music, but also will help you practice playing as well.

One cool feature with this keyboard is that it can connect to the Internet to upload as many song files as you want. It is a state-of-the-art keyboard perfect for every keyboard player.

Product Detail

The Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply and Stand comes with a lot of features that make it the foremost in music technology.

It is mounted on a stable X-style stand that securely gives it the support it needs for comfortable playing. The headphones are also another plus point for this product since it gives you the utmost audio experience with its closed-cup design that lets you hear your keyboard clearly despite a noisy environment.

Among the 385 natural-sounding voices programmed into the product include the 371 XGlite voices, 13 drum kits, and stereo grand keyboard. The sound effects kit programmed into it makes making music even more fun and dynamic.

If it is accompaniment that you are looking for, this product has 102 styles to choose from, pair this with one of the 102 built-in songs and you will surely wow your listening public. Having that concert hall performance ambience is possible with its rich Reverb effect making every performance memorable. Creating a back-up band in an instant is possible, you can choose from the available drums, bass, guitar, strings, etc. to jazz up your keyboards.

Technical Detail


Width – 945 mm

Height – 118 mm

Depth – 348 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg.

Has 61 keyboard keys

Organ style playing

Custom LCD Display for your viewing pleasure

Large LCD screen at 92mm x 32mm


One thing that you will first notice after using the Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand is that the Nady HP03 closed back-studio headphones are the best! It is comfortable on your ears and does not give that numb feeling when you take it off after using it for some time. It is thickly padded and the sound comes to you amazingly clear. This is not a wonder since it sports 40mm drivers for its ear cups and has a frequency range of 20 – 20,000hz.  Added to this is its featured board volume control which easily and quickly lets you adjust the volume. The 6 ft. cord provided with the headphones also lets you move freely around and over the keyboard.

If you want to do your performance standing up, this product lets you do this. The stand’s height can be adjusted from 25.25 to 38.75 inches using its secure lock height adjustment. The World Tour Keyboard Stand that goes with the set is so versatile and can accommodate up to an 88-key keyboard. Its maximum weight for keyboard is up to 130 pounds, that’s the weight of an average person!

Dragging it from one spot to another is made noiseless and mark-free with its non-marking rubber end caps. Now you won’t have to worry about having marks on your floors that are especially hard to remove with this keyboard.

Some conventional best digital piano need batteries to operate, but this doesn’t need any since it already has an included power supply for 12 watts. Yet, it can still run without this – all you need are six pieces of the “AA” sized batteries and you’re good to go.

Learning to play the keyboards better was easy with the Yamaha Education Suite Lesson function that comes with every product. This is more advanced, the software adjusts the tempo of the selected song continuously based on your performance, so catching up is made easier for everyone. With this function, learning to play better is made easier. It can help anyone improve their keyboard playing skills easily and at a pace they are comfortable with.

Enjoying beautiful sounds with the product is easy. It has preset dual voices. With all the choices you have with it, it easy to fall in love with the product and take you to musical heaven. Mix and match and see what pleases your ears, with this keyboard, you can experiment all you want.

One of the best features there is to this product is its Auto Power Off mode. It automatically turns off the power of the keyboard after a set period of time, which can be set to your preference. This not only saves your keyboard from overuse, but also lets you save power, and ultimately, save money from unwanted bills.


With the Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand, some customers had a hard time setting up the keyboard stand which comes uninstalled in the package. Even with the instructions provided for installation, it is still quite a tedious task to take on.

Yes, the Yamaha Education Suite is included with this product, but, the catch is that you have to be connected to the Internet to use it. Added to this is that after connecting to the Internet, you still have to register it on their site, which is quite complex to do.

Yet, over-this entire product is great for something costing below $150.

Who should buy it?

Whether you are just starting out, or a professional keyboardist—this is for you. If you are a parent and are looking for a way to spark your child’s interest then this the best way for you to do so, while still being in budget. Bands who are looking for the best keyboard to add to their performance will definitely find this as the best option out of the many that are available on the market today.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy the Yamaha YPT-230 because nothing will beat the features that you will get with the product for the price that you pay for it. It has everything you need to make your music pleasing to the ears and creative. Its many available voices, drum kits, and special effects will surely make your music unique and your own. The headphones and keyboard stands that come with it also make it all the more appealing and practical since everything that you need is right here in one package.


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