Check ESTA Status Before You Travel To USA

Importance of ESTA Status Before You Travel To USA

Chapter 1

Check ESTA Status Before You Travel To USA

by: ywalk1156

The ESTA USA visa is an electronic travel authorization that is required by the united states to enter the country. All the citizens form the 38 countries are required to have ESTA under the visa waiver program to travel to the US. and once you have applied for the authorization you can easily check the ESTA status before your trip. 

Why it is necessary to check the ESTA status?

If you are the citizen of one of the 38 countries under the visa waiver program, you must have a valid ESTA upon arrival in the united states. It is always important for you to check your eta canada status just to know whether your ESTA is valid prior to your trip. And without ESTA you will not be able to enter the united states as it is very much required for you if want to travel to the United States. 

One should know all the details about one's ESTA and when it will get expired. And on the other hand, if you don't know when will your ESTA get expired we would like to recommend you check your status and date the ESTA was first approved. The validation of etias online application is 2 years from the day it was issued. 

It should be kept in mind that you should not overstay the maximum amount of days granted. And the individual who has overstayed might be having issues later, on returning to the country. If you have valid ESTA it is always recommended that you should not overstay as you might get problems for the renewal of your ESTA later on. Travelers who want to go to the United States but are having a problem in obtaining ESTA can apply for a US tourist visa at an embassy or consulate.

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