Michael Blum - King Of Illegal Gambling

Michael Blum - King Of Illegal Gambling

The name of Michael Blum is known in the US business circles, but he is not so famous as a successful investor in comparison to his reputation of the king of illegal gambling

Chapter 1

Michael Blum - King Of Illegal Gambling

by: Oicon

There is hardly a businessman in the world whose reputation has no dark spots and who can boast of a completely honest origin of his capital. The same is true about a German venture investor Michael Blum, whose name is known well within the US business circles, as he successfully manipulated with plenty of investment projects and schemes. But is everything so fair and clear in his business career? It is hardly possible, especially taken into consideration his union with P.J. King, his reputation and their collaboration in the sphere on gambling and hotels business.

On The Way To Success

Although Michael was born in Hong Kong, he got his education at Yale and specialized in international relations and economics. It was not a problem for him to try one position after the other and one place after the other. He even managed to cooperate with such financial colossuses as PayPal, Vision Inc, Ernst & Young, Virgin. The collaboration with the first and the last of them influences his career greatly, as at PayPal he managed to earn quite enough to acquire a ticket for SpaceShipTwo for the price of $200 thousand at Virgin Galactic. This is the place where Michael would meet his future business partner and cartel companion. But before that, he was engaged in plenty of investing schemes, yet not all of them were profitable for him. Nevertheless, this did not prevent him from changing one top manager position into the other.

In 2005 he established the hedge fund management company Falconhenge Partners, sold it with benefit, and in 2006-2008 changed his location into Macau and founded an investment fund, which specialized in gambling and hotel business in this Chinese Las Vegas.

Michael Blum And Gambling Industry

Starting from this point, his criminal career began. Proceeding developing his business, he set up a venture fund and management enterprise in hotels and casinos in Southeast Asia, giving greater attention to this sphere.

He continued his contacts with the owner of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson and even entered their team, continued to reveal his interest to space, giving lectures on it, working out some space programs and producing a movie about space, his real benefit from this the acquaintance with P.J. King, who already had a reputation of a successful financial dealer. He took part in numerous business projects, and the majority of them became bankrupts after such collaboration.

During that time King was busy with his next investment project known as CNG Travel, an electronic booking service for hotels, which he sold beneficially and remained in the travelling sphere. Such a common passion to venture investments, travelling and gambling united Blum and P.J. King and they formed a cartel to supply banned entertainments and drugs from Asia to the VIPs from America.

Their next step was joining the market of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, where they were acknowledged as kings od ‘underweb’. Blum’s activity included shooting XXX movies in Russia (as his wife was from that country) and Asia (as his major business concentrated there, while king sphere of interest was the creation of virtual map of American drug hideaways in this very ‘deep web’.

Considering such a rapid and huge success of Michael Blum and his partner in investment business, they successfully manage to attract million-dollar investments to launder their money wit some new investing enterprises.


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