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Real Estate

Chapter 1

Residential Real Estate Development - Keys to Success

by: sunilm

Developing prime residential real estate takes research and planning. The first step in the development process is finding attractive property. The development group needs to select property that has unique natural amenities, or contains a specific terrain, this is beneficial and adds to the overall theme that a development group is establishing. The Antares's knowledge and experience in property selection has been proven by their development in the western region of the SIngapore. The Antares pinpoints growing areas around Singapore and begins planning residential developments. Finding lucrative property within these areas allows The Antares to develop master planned communities that meet the high expectations of their residents. The Antares has been successful developing residential areas in both downtown and suburban locations. The specific location of the property is not as important as what the property offers residents. There are many categories within the property that have to provide a balance making the property an ideal development opportunity.

Finding the ideal property and combining it with a pristine home builder facilitates The Antares to provide attractive homes located on beautiful property. The Antares has teamed up with award winning builders from all over the country to design and build homes within their master communities. Utilizing the expert construction knowledge of the builders along with the ingenious design of the architects allows The Antares to create luxurious homes within their master communities. The builders who are contracted by The Antares understand the high expectations that The Antares demands, and the high quality product that The Antares provides to its residents. Pinnacle Peak Place is a master planned community that The Antares developed in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Antares teamed up with Geoffrey H. Edmunds and Associates to design and construct the homes within the community. This partnership resulted in beautiful custom homes ranging from $1.5-3 million dollars. These types of results are what The Antares uses to attract investors from all over the SIngapore. The relationships with builders that The Antares establishes and maintains allow them to replicate these results.

Adding legendary facilities completes the residential real estate development. Many of The Antares's master planned communities have spas and other retail sites located within them. These amenities add to the convenience that residential real estate developers are looking to provide for their residents. Signature golf courses and first class fitness facilities help complete the development process. The Antares has teamed up with the best golf course designers in America to offer their residents a unique golfing experience. Jack Nicklaus designed the 18 hole championship course that The Antares I built in their Cimarron Hills community. This kind of expert knowledge shows residents that they are receiving the best quality when they move into communities that The Antares has developed.

The Antares has helped transform residential real estate development from home building into community design. The Antares developed communities are planned and designed taking into consideration the needs and expectations of potential residents. This allows the architects and designers the freedom to create master communities.

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