Should You Stick to SharePoint as a SharePoint Developer?

The article expounds the advantages of SharePoint.

Chapter 1

Should You Stick to SharePoint as a SharePoint Developer?

SharePoint developers are well in demand. Many companies are hiring SharePoint developers regularly because of the popularity of the CMS. However, knowledge of other related platforms and the ability to work with them can give you a better edge as a SharePoint developer. You will be open to more avenues, and you can experience a boost in your career. So you should explore beyond SharePoint and learn other frameworks and platforms as well. Here are some of them: 

Azure: Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform. It comes with cloud services such as virtual computing, storage, networking, and so on. It supports IaaS, PaaS as well as SaaS services. With such a wide range of options, it is the best platform for public cloud computing. It is well-known for its flexibility and efficiency. It is also cost-effective due to which it is used in many companies. 

Office 365: Microsoft Office 365, commonly known as Office 365, is a subscription service that consists of a lot of other applications within a single platform. Some of these include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Access, Schedule+, Binder, and so on. It includes everything that may be needed in any enterprise and fulfils all their everyday requirements. That is why most enterprises opt for Office 365 as a single, manageable, cost-effective platform. 

Power Automate: Power Automate, which was previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based platform for creating workflows and tasks. The software helps to automate workflows, and these workflows are then known as flows. It can automate them across various applications and services without the need of a developer to work on it. The developer has to specify the task and schedule a time for it, and it will happen on its own. 

LUIS: Microsoft LUIS is a cloud-based API service. With this software, developers can easily build natural languages into websites and web applications, IoT devices, and bots. LUIS IS based on machine learning and helps to create custom models for enterprises. 

Teams: Microsoft Teams is the best platform for organizations. It is a shared workspace that facilitates teamwork and collaboration. Every member of the team can connect here. It allows them to share files as well as new ideas that can be implemented in the project. It supports group chats and calls, web conferences, online meetings, and everything necessary to run a team. 

Bot Framework: Microsoft Bot Framework is highly suitable for modern-day web applications. It is a single software that comprises a set of tools, services, and SDKs that developers can use to build bots and artificial intelligence devices. Developers can integrate these into their websites and web applications to improve their functionality. 

PowerApps: PowerApps is a unique platform for developing websites and applications. It brings together a set of tools that were previously considered as high-end development tools and were therefore not accessible to all developers. With PowerApps, however, developers can easily access these tools and use them in their web applications. 

Nintex Workflow: Nintex is a workflow automation solution popularly used in various enterprises. It supports agile development and ensures that projects are finished in much less time than usual. However, by making the work more efficient, it does not compromise on its quality. It also assures accuracy and correctness, making sure that errors are few and that developers do not have to spend them fixing them after building the website. 

The job of a SharePoint developer involves a lot of responsibilities. Today, however, most companies like to hire someone who can work with many things at once and can contribute to the firm in more than one way. Hiring someone who can do is a cost-effective way of doing business and helps to save on business expenses. That is why your chances of getting hired by a top company of your choice will increase if you can master as much as possible of the Microsoft ecosystem. It is a vast platform with different software for different uses and knowing even some of them is sure to benefit you. 

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