Finding Top Talent: Communicating Your Company Culture

Finding Top Talent: Communicating Your Company Culture

In a highly competitive job market, candidates are looking for more than a paycheck.

Chapter 1

Finding Top Talent: Communicating Your Company Culture

Here are 4 ways to promote company culture:

1. Tell the company’s story in a job posting.

Job postings that simply list duties and requirements are utterly forgettable. To capture candidates’ attention, start with one or two sentences that capture the company’s core mission, vision or values. This brief introduction sets the scene for the information in the rest of the job posting, painting a memorable image in the candidate’s mind and exciting job seekers about the prospect of working with your organization.

2. Recruit existing employees to share their enthusiasm.

Testimonials from your current employees are powerful communication tools when it comes to sharing your company’s best features. Ask your most engaged and passionate employees to share their stories by writing blog posts, creating a video or talking to potential candidates at events like job fairs. Involving your staff in the process of building a strong employment brand further boosts engagement, and it helps applicants see what a “day in the life” at your company is really like.

3. Be ready to pitch the company during interviews.

Candidates come to interviews prepared to talk about their own successes and hiring managers should do the same for their companies. Be ready to talk about how the company provides a place for promising candidates like the one you’re interviewing – and don’t hesitate to share what you love most about working for your employer.

4. Get an outside perspective.

If you’re having trouble articulating the best parts of working for your organization, don’t hesitate to talk to a recruiter. Recruiters understand job seeking from both the candidate’s and company’s perspective, and they can help you put your organization’s best features in terms candidates will embrace.

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