How Norton Security tools and services protect your data

Get the basic information on how Norton Security tools protect the data.

Chapter 1

Norton Security tools

Norton antivirus is the best-known security software program around the globe. This security program offers you all the latest security tools and services. The regular updates of Norton security ensure the users that their devices are secure from all new threats. Norton antivirus activation allows you to equip all Norton premium tools and services. Once you install Norton antivirus on the device then you can work on your device without any security concern.

Norton powerful scan

Norton offers the best malware security features. Norton antivirus protects the data from viruses, spyware, bots, Trojan Horses, adware, etc. Norton antivirus offers you various device scan types like full system scan, custom scan, quick scan, etc. You can choose the Norton scans according to your need. Norton has a real-time scan feature which helps ensure that no malware is entering the device. When you access any file on the PC; Norton scans that file before loading it. Norton will send the file to the quarantine folder if it looks suspicious. In case, you want to access that file then you can easily go to your quarantine folder and then restore the item. If the file is malicious then you can remove it permanently from the quarantine folder. When you insert any peripheral device such as a flash drive in the computer then Norton will scan the flash drive before loading it on the PC. It will remove all the existing viruses from the device and then load it. If the whole flash drive is malicious then Norton will not load the drivers on your PC. 

Norton’s network security tools

Norton antivirus takes care of your network security as it offers various advanced network security services. Norton’s browser security feature makes your browsing secure. When you search for anything on your browser; Norton immediately checks all the result pages. It will tell you which page is secure to open. While filling any online form or entering any details on the internet; Norton prevents keyloggers from monitoring or stealing your information. It also ensures that no hacker and malware like adware is accessing your browsing history. 

Norton Firewall

Most of the new devices have inbuilt firewalls that prevent unauthorized access. But now the cybercriminals are getting dangerous as they are using various algorithms to breach your inbuilt firewall. Norton security is offering you a personal firewall that manages your network traffic actively. Norton monitors the incoming traffic on the network and blocks all malicious access. It also checks the outgoing packets on the network to stop data theft activities. You should never disable your Norton firewall as disabling the firewall may harm your device.

Norton PC Cloud Backup

If you want to create a backup for your data then using Norton PC backup is very safe and secure. PC cloud backup prevents data loss. If your device gets stolen or the hard disk crashes then you can easily retrieve your data from the Norton cloud. Norton PC backup also prevents ransomware attacks. Ransomware encrypts the data and then asks ransom from the person to decrypt the data. But Norton PC cloud backup has multiple layers of protection to prevent ransomware.

Norton Password Manager

Norton security has a password manager tool that can generate unique and complex passwords for your accounts. You can save all your usernames and passwords in the password manager securely. It has a cloud-based encryption vault to store your passwords and other details.

Norton antivirus also provides a secure VPN to secure your device on an unsecured network. Norton has a parental control feature that helps to secure your kids from various internet threats. Norton also provides a safe cam for PC, data shredder, email protection, etc for your data and device security.


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