5 Popular Colombian Food To Try On Your Visit to Bogota

5 Popular Colombian Food To Try On Your Visit to Bogota

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Colombian Food To Try On Your Visit to Bogota

Even though Bogota's markets are filled with the most versatile range of food items, few Latin American foods are the all-time favorite for foreigners.

Each Colombia region has different specialties, and Bogota is the hubspot of the most famous Colombian foods. Here is a list of the top five Colombian foods to try in Bogota


Bandeja Paisa


The most popular Columbian cuisine, Bandeja Paisa, is the national dish of Colombia. This platter dish is the most mouthwatering lunch item and costs only around $3 to $5.


Bandeja Paisa is like an all-in-all platter filled with rice, ground beef, chorizo, avocado, fried egg, and sometimes cornmeal pancakes traditionally known as Arepas! The best bandeja paisas are definitely in Bogota, and all the lunch spots serve the dish.




Ajiaco is a bowl of typical Columbian chicken soup and Bogota's regional soup platter. The chicken soup is filled with hearty chicken, corn, and varieties of corn.


As a first-timer, you won't see a big deal on this chicken, corn, and potato stew, but that's because of the place. So, make sure to have your Ajiaco from an authentic decent restaurant and ask for extra avocado and capers.


Caldo de Costilla


If the chicken, corn, and potato stew don't sound hearty enough, then you must try out the Caldo de Costilla – the Columbian beef broth. The soup is traditionally served as a breakfast menu, and once you have it, you'll soon become a fan!


Best Bogota Street foods


The most authentic Colombian food experience can only be found from the Bogota street vendors. If you are wondering where to eat in Bogota, these street vendors are almost on every block.  

Here is a list of top Bogota street foods that are a big hit for foreigners-


  • Green mango strips served with lemon ( Mango Biche Con Sal y Limon)
  • Stuffed Potato Croquettes (Papa Rellena)
  • Beef Or Chicken Skewer (Chuzos) is one of the top Columbian food to try.
  • Cornmeal Pancakes (Arepas)



Bogota Fruit

Don't leave Colombia without visiting the Bogota fruit markets filled with all the fruits you've never heard of.  


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