Diary of a fat kid: the story of a boy and his fat

This is a story about my life and how I became so fat. I'm currently 223 lbs. Message me if you have any questions or if your fat too

Chapter 1

How it started

I had always been overweight or chubby, but I was never truly fat and obese until grade 1. My parents went through their divorce the summer before, and they both tried to win me over. I was chubby, weighing in at about 65 lbs and only being about 4 feet tall, so they knew I loved to eat a lot of junk food. Both my parents are also fat. My mom is 200 lbs and my dad is 310 lbs, so eating horribly was kind of their specialty. They were both also against sports, saying the're too dangerous, so I wasn't active either. They let me watch TV all day and we ate fast food at least twice a day. I was also very sad about their divorce, so I was eating my feelings. I first poped my pants that summer. By the time school started, I had gained 20 lbs, now weighing 85 lbs, and still the same height. I was wearing kids larges (size 12) already. That's when my love of the fat kid life started. It was amazing. We live in one of the fattest cities in Texas, so it was easy to get unhealthy food. Also, none of my friends are active. Back then, I got around town by getting a ride with my friends. They would drop us off at the mall, and then we would get to work spending the huge allowance I got from my parents. Back then it was about 100 $ a week. (My parents are rich). We spent it exclusively on junk food. :)

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