Never Came Home

Never Came Home

This is a poem about the dangers of drinking and driving. Please only positive comments!

Chapter 1

Don't Drink And Drive!

My Daddy went out to drink with his pals.

He hugged me close and said he'd be home in a little while.

More and more drinks Daddy had at the bar.

Then he said to his friends,"C'mon guys I'll take you all home in my car."

Daddy started to drive but was too drunk to know.

That red means stop and green means go!

The crash scene had shards of glass and twisted metal.

And Daddy's injuries were very fatal.

I went to see him one last time.

With tubes stuck in him and an oxygen line.

I started to cry.

Why had Daddy chosen to drink and drive?

Maybe if he hadn't he'd still be alive.

But now Daddy's in Heaven where the angels roam.

Things could've been different.

But instead Daddy never came home!

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