Outside Tough As Nails,Inside Small And Frail

Outside Tough As Nails,Inside Small And Frail

This is a story about an abused child. Though it is not a true life story. This kind of abuse happens to many children in the United States and around the world.
Come on everybody! Let's take a chance to end child abuse once and for all! Most importantly if you think a child is being abused in anyway. Please get help for them! These children need a voice and you can be that voice. You don't have to think it's none of your business. Because it is your business. It shouldn't hurt to be a child!

Chapter 1

Be A Voice For A Child! Stop Child Abuse Now!

You look at me with disapproving glares.

And whisper amongst yourselves.

Look at that ragged hoodlum child over there.

I do not speak.

But I cast you an evil stare.

You think that stealing is all I do?

You wouldn't whisper if you knew the h** at home I go through!

My Daddy whips me with a leather strap.

He doesn't stop till there are stinging welts on my back.

Mama doesn't feed us.

She doesn't care.

And no one else has food to spare.

So I take half eaten food out of the trash.

I bring it home to my siblings and share my stash.

I comb my sister's dirty tangled hair.

My baby brother is sick.

I wish someone really cared.

I imagine a Daddy that sweeps me up to the sky.

And a Mama that encourages us and tells us to try.

But no matter how hard I imagine.

I'm brought back to our house that feels like h**.

You see a dirty,ragged child.

But you stop to give.

Yet you do not know how I live.

On the outside people see a child as tough as nails.

But inside I am a child soft and frail.

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