Cece Rees

This was me during my prime on Quibblo. Makes me cringe tbh

Chapter 1

Delusional Writer

by: FerSure
Unfortunately for mankind, on December 14, 1999 Cece, a delusional writer, was born. She has long, frizzy, naturally-red hair that she chose to dye black as part of a regrettable emo scene. For a thirteen-year-old, she is quite tall at 170cm with a strong build, developed through ballet. Her eyes are confusing, like everything in her life, a strange shade between grey and hazel. Hailing from a chicken farm in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, her skin is caramel and dotted with many freckles and moles. . Most of her clothes are band t-shirts and oversized bottoms that hide her hips- which she learned to loathe with a passion.

Although she does not figure it out until later in life, Cece is a genius in Maths and Sciences, but her true passion is writing. She enjoys inserting characters and moments from her everyday life into stories about post-apocalyptic dystopias and highschool drama. Although loved by many, she struggles with feelings of apathy, loneliness, and to a point, suicidal ideation. Her negative outlook on life, however, doesn't interfere with her bubbly, extroverted personality: she is known amongst her friends for being a joker. Notorious for her obsession with potatoes, anything Lady Gaga and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Cece soon becomes a revered persona in the social circles she frequents.

In short, Miss Rees is just beginning to figure out life and awfully confused about her role in it. She questions whether she is attracted to boys, girls, both, neither or none of the above on a daily basis, and she is beginning to form her opinions on morality and afterlife. Her relationship with her father is strained, so although her mother may also give her grief, Cece essentially lives for the woman.

As for lesser-known facts, Cece sleeps with a $6 old, worn-out teddy bear she calls "Puppy," because her mother never allowed her to have pets and she aspires to be a dog-mom with all of her will. Her crush is an anime-nerd named Ben, who hardly thinks about girls anyways, and her best friend is someone named Nikki who lives land masses away, connected to Cece through the magic of the Internet. Finally, Cece is a polyglot, who can speak English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and a bit of Italian- because one of her attractive classmates is from Italy and she tried a bit much to impress him.


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