Off Again On Again Crush

Idk. Just wanna hear y'alls opinion internet people.

Chapter 1

My struggle.

There was a guy I loved, but I knew him since the 4th grade (2005). Anyway I had this off again on again crush on him since the summer of 2014. Then he told me in text he moved away. Yet this isn't the 1st time he has moved. We kept in touch on Facebook in 2015 & again 2016. Then I told him I loved him, had the same feels I did. Problem was we couldn't meet up because he was a drifter & I couldn't drive. Then a month he said we should take a break, even though I didn't want to. It's mostly the fact he was stressed about his life. In August he deactivates he Facebook profile & create another one with a different name. We are not Facebook friends with each other, we haven't talked since July of 2016. Now I here not knowing what to do since I still love him.


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