Harry Potter Love Stories

Harry Potter Love Stories

In this Harry Potter Fan Fiction, there will be many love stories between the characters. Each chapter is a small portion of a different love story, but they don't all have to be J. K. Rowling's cannon couples. ;)

Chapter 1

Hermione and Draco: Part 1

Hermione and Draco: Part 1As Hermione glided down the stairs in the Burrow, she noticed no one was awake yet. So she made her way to the kitchen to make herself some toast and a cup of tea before her busy day. She had an early interview with a Healer at St. Mungos this morning and she didn't want to be late, so she quickly finished up her breakfast and went into the Burrow's living quarters.

While she packed her small bag, she heard a soft yawn and turned to see Ron walk into the living room still in his pajamas.

"Hey, why are you up so early?", he asked trying to stifle his yawn.

"I have an interview this morning for the Healer position at St. Mungos. I told you this last week, Ronald," Hermione said getting annoyed already.

They had been dating, quite nonchalantly since the war at Hogwarts. But neither of them talked about it much. Hermione wondered if they were even a real couple.

"Oh yeah, you did mention that a couple days ago. I must have forgotten," he said without a care.

Hermione, not wanting to start a fight with him said, "Yes I did. But enough talking, I should really be going."

"Alright. I will see you when you get back," he said walking over to her.

He gave Hermione a small hug and quickly strode into the kitchen without another thought. This made Hermione sad, obviously, but it made her angry, even more so. With that, Hermione grabbed her bad and left for St. Mungos.

Once she arrived, she asked the lady at the front desk where she should go for her interview and she directed her to the office all the way down the hall to the Head Healer's office. As she walked down the hall, she noticed how nervous she was.

'You can do this, Hermione," she said to herself in her mind. 'Don't worry about this interview. Everything will go perfectly! He or she will love you."

As she got to the door, she knocked twice not even noticing the name on the door. She heard a small reply telling her to enter and as she opened the door, she was face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy.

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