Welcome to Wonderland VII (Results)

Sorry guys the proper results didn't post with the quiz so here they are!

Chapter 1

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by: nyan_sama
"What can I do for you _?" I asked walking back over to her bed. She looked down blushing "u-um, well I remember that I used to be close to all of you guys growing up, but I was always uh closer to you." She started, my heart started beating faster "What are you saying?" I asked "I don't know actually, I just wanted to see if you knew. was she saying she liked me more than the others, did she remember how much time we spent together? Is she saying her feelings for me are back? I didn't know what to say "Uh well, I was close to you too" was all I could say, she looked up and grinned at me "well now I don't fell so stupid" she said with a sigh of relief. She looked so cute and I was so happy I couldn't help myself, the next thing I knew I was on her bed kissing her. "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" I said quickly standing up and rubbing the back of my neck "I'll go" I said turning and walking out of the room before she could say anything else.

"Yes _
?" "what were we?" She asked. My heart beat quicker "What do you mean?" I asked her "I mean, I feel, I don't know. I just feel.. different about you than I do the others. Maybe it's nothing" She said frowning, I walked over to her."Don't frown, I just, we were always um a little closer I guess." I said sitting next to her "Can I try something?" I asked her, she nodded and smiled "you're beauiful" I said leaning over and kissing her. She pulled back after a few seconds blushing. "I'm sorry" We said at the same time. After laughing I stood up "I should probably go, you need rest" I said walking out smiling to myself.

"Hey, what are we?" She asked. I grinned and floated out of her grasp. "What do you mean _?" I asked "stop playing around Charles, I know you know what I mean. I feel like we... I don't know" she said getting frustrated, I appeared nest to her on the bed "Don't get mad, I'll let you in on a little secret." I said smiling "what?" She asked perking up and turning towards me. "I always liked you" I said kissing her then appearing at the door, "You were always an amazing girl _, goodnight"

"Princess?" I said walking over to her, "Matteo I don't remember about us" She said furrowing her brow. "well Princess, I can't speak for you but I was always very fond of you." I said smiling at her. "I know I had strong feelings for you but- I don't know..." She trailed off. "Don't worry too much Princess, you'll remember more soon, you need rest now though" I said to her patting her leg, she looked at me with her beautiful (e/c) eyes and I couldn't help myself I leaned over and kissed her. "I'm sorry Princess, um get some rest" I said standing up she was blushing and looked down "Goodnight"

"What do you want with me?" I asked walking over and sitting on her bed, she smirked "No, 'pet'" She asked "well now that you remembered you're a princess it doesn't feel right" I said smirking back. She laughed ugh she has such a cute laugh "so, I feel like we had a uh different relationship than the others, am I correct" She asked cocking her head. I turned my head feeling my face get hot "I don't know what you're talking about" She grabbed my face and turned my head to face her, "if you don't know why are you turning away?" She questioned "Come on just help me out a little" She pleaded. I grabbed her hand and moved if from my face taking it in mine, "Don't push yourself __, it's not good you'll remember everything in due time." She pouted "Ugh, you're so adorable" I said kissing her, "well I'm going to go, get some rest you need it."

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