My Tattoo Stories (New Chapter Posted)

Some people have show interest in the stories or influence behind my tattoos, so I plan to compile those here. Each chapter will be a different tattoo story.

Chapter 3

Life Won't Wait

Life Won't Wait September 2010

Shop: Skinlab Studios, Rochester, MN
Artist: Holland Van Lin

So, I didn’t wait too long between my first and second tattoos, but I ended up getting it pretty far from home. Now – I went to school in New Hampshire but I’m actually from and still currently living in Boston, MA. My boyfriend Mike is from Minnesota and I ended up living in Minneapolis for about 4 months for a semester. Me getting my first tattoo kind of inspired him to think of what he would like to get as his first tattoo….and once he came up with an idea, he had me draw it for him.

I decided it was time for a second one but let him do the research on the artists. Since he’s from the area it was easier for him to ask around and find a few shops to check out. Plus, I figured he would be going back to whatever shop this was and I wanted him to find somewhere he liked. The shop he decided on was Skinlab Studios in Rochester, MN. Again, it was a matter of great reputation and artist with portfolios that we both liked.

I wasn’t looking for a big tattoo this time – I wanted to get tattooed again but I was also kind of joining Mike in the experience as moral support. My second tattoo was also music related and semi-motivational like my first. The band this time was Rancid – there is honestly only one band as near and dear to my heart as Rancid but will get to them later on with later tattoos. I didn’t particularly want one of their logos or the band name, it seemed awkward to me. So I went with the name of one of their albums which is “Life Won’t Wait”. I got it done exactly as it looks on the album cover since it’s done up in this cool spray paint stencil style and decide to get it around the front of my left ankle. Not exactly sure what made me get it there. I don’t think I was ready for other parts of my body yet, but once the stencil was on it looked great and we went for it.

My artist for this tattoo is Holland Van Lin – who I would develop a long ink-friendship with and still see to this day for work, much larger and much more detailed than this little ankle tattoo. She is extremely talented and only gets even more amazing as time goes on. On top of that, it’s just great sitting in her chair – she’s personable, very down to earth, and I love going to her for work and conversation alike. The shop’s atmosphere is very relaxed, friendly, and fairly goofy at times.

I still travel to Minnesota, 7 years after this first tattoo, to get tattoos done by her….

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