My Tattoo Stories (New Chapter Posted)

Some people have show interest in the stories or influence behind my tattoos, so I plan to compile those here. Each chapter will be a different tattoo story.

Chapter 6

Wolf Moon

Wolf MoonStarted September 2013, finished January 2014

Shop: Skinlab Studios, Rochester, MN
Artist: Holland Van Lin

Now this is my first “larger” tattoo and it was done in two different sittings. Since I was a little girl – and I mean preschool little – I have always had a love for wolves (and pretty much anything canine, but always wolves). I wanted a wolf tattoo and I wanted it big. I was finally inspired to get this when I found out my cousin had a howling wolf on his arm that he actually wasn’t too happy with. It was a tattoo I had considered before and I knew when I went to see Holland for it, she’d knock it out of the park.

I decided to get it done on my right thigh. I knew it would need a lot of space, and granted it’s not really seen by many people because of its location, I still wasn’t ready for somewhere like my arms to be done and the design fit the shape of my thigh perfectly.

We decided on black and grey and my first sitting on this was in September of 2013. I remember this being a particularly rough week while visiting in Minnesota. I had originally gone to attend a wedding with my boyfriend. Friends of his had been together for years but until marriage equality had reached Minnesota, they were not allowed to legally marry. What made this week so rough was that not long before the wedding we found out that one of his friends meant to be married had passed away – it was heartbreaking. Instead of a wedding, they were having a celebration of life and I still wore the polka dot pin up dress intended for the wedding (it went over extremely well with everyone – such a loving group of people) and I wore it the day I was tattooed as well since it gave access to my thigh. During the first sitting we completed the wolf head and at the time I assumed the piece was done.

When I went back to MN in January of 2014 I decided to add the moon and night sky to the piece to make it feel more complete – and to fit the shape of my thigh more closely. As a sat in the chair and chatted with Holland she told me she did a very similar piece on the chest of one of her close friends. This friend of hers passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident.

This is such a lovely piece on my body and is very much a part of me – but it’s also a part of both of these people and both of these stories. My obsession with the wolf is lifelong and anyone who knows me will validate that in an instance…but this tattoo has some of the heaviest memories as well. It doesn’t affect my opinion of the tattoo negatively in any way but they’re still there with it.

This is only tattoo #5 so we have a long road ahead...

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