What's In A Name

A Vampire Diaries Love story

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Ps: If all goes well, I will add The Originals later on

Chapter 1


Birth Name: Alessandra
Nickname: Alessa
Age: 16/2000+
Species: Immortal
Known As: The Angelic One
Best Friends: Alexandra and Alianna
Close Friends: Silas, Amara, Tatia, Stefan, Tom Avery and Elena
Other Friends: Sybil, Georgie, Kol, Elijah, Niklaus, Sarah, Damon, Katherine, Nadia, Rebekah, Jeremy, Tyler, Matt, Enzo, Alaric and Bonnie
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Family: Silas (Father), Amara (Mother), Alexandra (Younger Sister), Alianna (Youngest Sister) sorry, I forgot Daisy is still youngest even if she and I have the same birthday, lol
Power: Able to read minds and shape shift
Diet: Blood from the vein in a glass like her father

Birth Name: Alexandra
Nickname: Alexa
Age: 15/2000+
Species: Immortal
Known As: The Fun One
Best Friends: Alessandra and Alianna
Close Friends: Jeremy, Tyler, Matt and Niklaus
Other Friends: Stefan (For Alessandra) and Elijah (fot Alianna)
Love Interest: Tyler Lockwood
Family: Silas (Father), Amara (Mother), Alessandra (Oldest Sister) and Alianna (Older Sister)
Power: can make others see what she wants them too
Diet: Blood Bag

Name: Alianna
Nickname: Ali
Age: 14/2000+
Species: Immortal
Known As: The carefree one.
Best Friends: Alessandra and Alexandra
Close Friends: Elijah, Klaus, Caroline, Elena.
Other Friends: Kol, Bonnie, Stefan, Damon, Matt and Alaric.
Love Interest: Alaric Saltzman for now
Family^ Silas (father), Amara (Mother), Alessandra (Oldest sister), And Alexandra (Older sister)
Power: Can control/use fire to her will.
Diet: Strictly A-type blood

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