Prom was last night, and it was a fairy tale come true! It was seriously amazing! I EVEN HAVE PICTURES!!!

Hehehe I'm still all woosh!

Chapter 1


The day was really long, but man was it amazing! It started at Evan's graduation. He's homeschooled, so there was all of 4 kids graduating! The entire ceremony wasn't even half an hour long XD It was really sweet, and I'm so happy for him. Then afterwards, everyone headed back to his house for a mini BBQ and lawn games. It was so wonderful! To make things even more magical, he graduated a year early (; Gosh the morning into the afternoon was so much fun! Unfortunately, Uncle Jordan and I had to leave early to get my hair done, and poor Daryl didn't even get to go to the picnic thing because he had to get home and finish work, plus start getting dinner ready for my grandparents and uncle who were coming to take pictures later.

So my dress is from hot topic, yes, I am that much of a nerd. It's Belle's dress, like the one from the new remake, but not floor length. It probably was supposed to be longer than it ended up being on me, but #TallGirlProblems. My hair, we did in a Belle bow, from you guessed it, hot topic! Here's the pictures from that:



I think it looked absolutely amazing! Props to our hairdresser, she did that so perfectly! Anyways, we came home to Grandma, Grandpa, Daryl, and my dad's brother, Uncle Steve. No connection to Uncle Jordan and Daryl, though. Jordan is the son of my godparents, who are family friends my mom has known since the 70s, and Daryl is his boyfriend. Anyways, they were just finishing up dinner and getting all the picture taking stuff together as I started getting into my dress, so carefully not to mess up my amazing hairstyle. It's hard to do that when no one can help you! Grandma can't see well enough anymore to help with zippers and makeup, and there are no other girls in the family. Somehow, I managed to get everything polished and pretty right as Evan and his dad pulled up.

You know that iconic scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle comes down the stairs in that beautiful yellow dress and Beast stares in awe? Imagine that in a modern day living room. Me, coming down in my yellow, Belle-inspired prom dress and Evan standing at the bottom completely entranced. The first thing he said was "Whoa... You look like a picture from a storybook..." Honestly, that was one of the nicest compliments I had ever gotten! Soon after, he put on my corsage, yellow roses, and I pinned on his boutonniere of the same kind. The best part was, he wore a blue suit so he looked like the Beast haha. We accidentally did a matching Disneybound! If you don't know what that is, it's wearing outfits inspired by Disney characters. My entire family sucks at taking pictures, so we didn't get too many good shots, but at least we got a couple I'm fairly proud of haha.

My favorite-
I'm seeing a trend here...
It continues...
The only "posed" shot

We left as soon as pictures were done, and let me tell you, trying to get into the driver's seat in heels and a poofy dress is not easy! I barely closed the door without part of the ruffles getting caught XD. We had dinner at this great little Italian place in between my house and my school, and it was wonderful. We split a dish of penne with white sauce, and each got a Shirley Temple to drink. Yes, we were bad and got a mocktail haha. It was a great meal, and our waitress, I kid you not, she asked us, "Okay, why is there a Disney Princess at my restaurant? Is there like a Disney Convention nearby or something?" Things got even funnier when we got a milkshake at my favorite little ice cream parlor after. It being a Saturday night, of course the place was busy, every family in our area goes there for ice cream. Dozens of little girls were in awe of us, and asked if I was Belle haha. One little boy bowed to me, said I looked beautiful, and hugged me! I'm not going to lie, it was awesome! You don't realize how enchanting it is for little kids once you're past that age, until you're the one creating that sense of enchantment! Once we finished our grasshopper shake (Oreo shake with a shot of green mint syrup) we headed out to my school for the actual ball. Yes, I'm calling it a ball.

So Evan and I were one of the first couples there, and it was honestly kind of nice not to be surrounded by a mob scene of other teens haha. We did dance to a few songs at first. Evan really likes to dance, mainly to upbeat, fast passed songs, but I hate it. Clumsy and awkward and bleh... I mean, I put on a brave face for him. After a few dances though we were both winded and ready for a break haha. Plus the DJ kept playing songs dedicated to the class of 2017, but my school doesn't have a senior class... I'll be in the first graduating class next year... I guess no one told him lol. Anyways, I introduced Evan to a few of my friends, and got a quick drink, but then we ended up just going out to the courtyard and sitting out under the stars, talking. Our student body did an amazing job decorating the courtyard, they even somehow created a mini fountain that worked! It was so romantic...

The librarians who were chaperoning were really excited to meet Evan. I spend most mornings before school in the library, and I'm usually there for lunch and sometimes my Creative Writing class haha! They know me really well, and know that I'm an avid bookworm. When Evan found out I practically lived in the library, his response was, "Andie, you really are Belle!"

When it got to be close to 10, when his dad was coming to pick him up, we headed out and sat on the benches outside the front of the school. We sat there, continuing to just talk for a while. The sad part is, as we were leaving, people were still just showing up. We didn't stay to see who won prom court, oh well! But at least we got to listen to music on my iPod while we were waiting, and at least I got one last kiss on the cheek. He was sweet enough to let me lock arms with him all night, but that last kiss just sent me over the moon. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life!

So, does everyone have enough proof that I'm basically a real-life Disney Princess, as CrazyCatz and SugarKart put it! (-;


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