Book of Morals

Book of Morals

We often hear one of our parents say: "That's right! Great Job!" or something like "That's Wrong. Don't do that again, alright?" Right decisions are not always made everyday, and no one is always perfect. We all make mistakes... but what if that mistake just goes beyond? In this book of morals, there is a huge lesson that is being awaited.

Chapter 1

Living Inside a Hood

by: Dropple
Living Inside a HoodTime for school!" shouted Jack's mom.

Jack was the new kid at school. His head was slightly deformed. Consequently, his hopes were depleted. Jack had to walk out of the door with people riding their bikes past his lawn, and look at him in an odd way.

"Have a good day at school..." said Jack's mom in a dismayed voice.

Jack waved goodbye at his mom, froze, and turned back with his hood on his head. He was scared to take the hoodie off. After a few minutes, he arrived at the school and everyone just kept walking past by him, and every person that got a glimpse of him made him uncomfortable. It was like he just kept to himself.

The school bell ringed. It was time to get into class. Jack kept his hoodie on while in class.

"Take your hoodie off!" said Ms. Williams.

That stupid statement just ruined everything. He grunted and took his hood off. Kids got shocked and they didn't say anything. The teacher tried to avoid contact at his head.

"Um... cough okay class..." said Ms. Williams.
"Let's read page 500..."

The bell ringed and he kept his hoodie on. He heard people gossiping about him and teachers complaining about his head everywhere. A day later, when he arrived to school, people often called him names and threw stuff straight at his face.

He hid in the corner of the school and started to cry.

"I wish I could just kill myself." he said in a quiet voice.

A jock suddenly approached him.

"Hello, I see you are feeling hurt. Are you okay?" the jock said.
"I'm fine..." Jack replied.
"It's going to be okay. It happens everywhere. I hate it when people bully."

Jack smiled and the jock helped him get back up.

"Thank you so much."
"Jack, you want to be friends.. you know we can just hang out and do stuff I guess..." the jock said.

Jack got shocked and nodded.
After a while later, Jack and the jock became best friends. They grew up as best friends and Jack's life changed.

Moral: A single act of kindness can make a huge impact.

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