A Silent Incantation.~Draco Malfoy Love Story

The Wandless A very Dull name but that was one that was given to the group of witches and wizards that could use magic no matter the situation. Thought to be died out when Voldemort ordered a mass murder of them when he was in reign that drove them to extinction...what does that have to do with this story?..Just wait and see.

Amira Grey And Draco have been at each other's throats ever since she ''Betrayed'' him their first year.

Chapter 1


by: Nabichuu
''It's not like that.'' He circled around me in a flurry and pulled at his hair, making it look even more disheveled. I reached out a hand but froze once I heard excited voices. Draco seized my arm and pushed me towards the stairs.

''Go!'' He hissed, He kept pushing and pushing, and when I tried to speak, he clapped a hand over my mouth so hard I bit my tongue. ''Get below! Go!'' I trembled, but out of anger I did what he said. His lip quivered as he watched me leave.

''But why?''

I whispered weakly to him. I descended on my own time and listened to nothing but silence and approaching footsteps. But he finally looked at me with red, swollen eyes and whispered. ''I have to protect you.''



It seemed like we could on like this forever. remember? We were sort of friends when this all started out, then the red thread of fate tightened itself and brought us back together.

It's a little repulsive, and even more so dangerous but, It's alright. Because as I remembered , you liked danger. in fact, you lived for it.

~Draco's Point Of View~

Mother inspected me before I got on the train. I imagine my eyes were just as cloudy as hers. ''Everything is going to be alright. Just to think of other things. Would you?''

I smiled weakly at her. I actually didn't have a problem there. she was always really good at seeing the brighter side of things, I wished I could be more like that. But how could I? How could I in times like these. I looked around for an example. Ah, Chosen one Prat Potter was getting on the train with his pathetic party. Weasel-by and that Mudblood Granger.

Behind them was someone I'd know since I first stepped foot in Diagon alley; Amira Grey. The curly headed tosser looked my way, her eyes focused and her mouth set in a subtle line. And something happened in my chest that frightened me. That can't be her...It can't. But I knew that it was, She looked so graceful as she lifted a cat carrier onto train. A little girl whom I recognized as her younger sister, followed her Her mother blew them a kiss and reminded them to write. I kissed my own mother and looked at one of the standbys. ''Well, these trunks aren't going to lift themselves are they?'' I swerved my way around them hopped onto the train. I expected that my mates Blaise and Pansy would have saved me a spot. A barely brushed pass Grey as she made her way to the cart with that Mudblood and their pack.

''Draco, Mate, we've been waiting on you.'' I barely paid attention to them whilst putting my carry-on above me. I looked over my shoulder before the door closed, and caught a glimpse of dark curls descending. ''Oh... I get it, think she'll do you in again eh?'' I snapped out of my odd trance and looked towards Blaise. Pansy's eyes followed ours and we looked away once she disappeared into her own compartment with her friends. ''She's filled out quite a bit since last year, I hadn't noticed...'' She mumbled worriedly. She glanced at Blaise and then at me. ''Friendly little tosser.'' He commented. ''Who knew she actually had quite the bosom under those robes.'' He commented Maliciously. Pansy glowered. ''She's just another Gryffindor girl.'' She said turning away to sit down.

I pressed and got ready to take my seat, but not before thick cloud of dark smoke washed over us like a wave. After my coughing, sputtering and questioning. I sat down in an irritable manner and took a deep breath. It would be a long,Tormenting ride back to Hogwarts.

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