Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Centra! Role Play Party [RPP]

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Centra! Role Play Party [RPP]

Think you have what it takes to join the Centra Guild?! Active for any and all fans of pokemon who wish to journey among others to preform missions, quests, and receive special rewards!

In the Centra Guild, all pokemon are treated fairly and with respect. Let's keep our language to a PG-13 rating please, so that everyone may enjoy!


Chapter 1

Rules & Applications

Rules & Applications All participants must take my specialty Pokétest to determine who you will be playing as! NOTE: if you have an OC you'd like to play as, please message me personally.

All Guild members start off at lvl.1 Except for Guild Master and Guild Supers.
If you'd like to become a super feel free to also personally message me on Quibblo and add me as a friend :>
------------------------------------ APPLICATION---------------------------------
Name: (Your name or Characters name)
Pokemon: (Please use Pokemon result from quiz or DM novakaiser)
A bit about yourself or your character
And line preference (would you like to join line chat, if so leave your username, if not feel free to skip this!)

I'd like to be as accommodating as possible for all my little Guild members, so let's all have some fun!

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