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This is a simple thing, you write what your character does, I write what mine does, simple as that, there can just be two people, or there can be forty. I don't mind. You can message me anytime for any information you need :) You can control any characters from the movie/books, but you can not control other people. You can be anyone, a character you made up, or a character from the real universe. Have fun! (This takes place during the fourth year)

Chapter 1

Addison's Part 1 (At the Black Lake)

by: Dracoette
Addison Turner sat in the Slytherin common room, her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, sat next to her. The day was quite boring now that the Dragon fight was over. The Gryffindors were all in awe of their 'amazing hero' Other than the few that hated Potter as much as she did. Luckily, he had gotten himself in trouble with his friends, being too young to enter the tournament, and still being in it and all.
She snuggled up next to him and started to drift to sleep, remembering how they had gotten together. Luckily, she was gifted with the ability to dream about whatever she wanted, and so now she was dreaming about how her and Draco became a couple.

Addison ran into potions class, knowing she was already late, being in third year didn't help at all, for some odd reason, Snape seemed to hate third years, a lot. Draco growled at me as I sat next to him, we had been friends since early on in second year, but he always got mad at me if I was late to potions, because we were partners, and he got in trouble too.
"Miss Turner, late again." Snape sighed. "This is my own house, five points from Slytherin. And if you continue to scowl, or sneer, or anything, five more points will be taken." Snape said, turning towards Addison, who sighed and nodded.
"Yes Professor." She said. Draco nudged his elbow into her side, she kicked him under the table.
After classes were over that day. She met up with Draco.
"You have to stop being late, you realize, our house points go down faster than they go up?" Draco asked as we walked in the snow. She shrugged.
"Its not exactly my fault Snape hates me." She said as she tucked her hair behind her ear.
Her and Draco went to the Three Broomsticks and ended up playing truth or dare with Blaise, Pansy, and Theo.
"Pansy, truth or dare?" Theo asked. Pansy shrugged.
"Dare." She said. Addison smirked. Theo was absolutely ridiculous with dares, he had actually gotten her to snog a random person before.
"Snog Blaise." Theo said ruthlessly. Addison smiled fully as her and Draco laughed. Blaise's face went from 'having a good time' to 'Theo you-'. Pansy sighed.
"Blaise?" Pansy asked. Addison tried not to laugh harder, it wasn't working.
"Yes?" Blaise asked fearfully.
"Iv never lost a dare." Pansy said, grabbing his shirt collar and snogging him. Addison laughed so hard she had to lean against Draco just to keep from falling over. Blaise was wide-eyed by the time Pansy was done, but once he got over the shock, he pulled her back to him and snogged some more.
"Perfect matchmaking. I guess Blaise and Pansy are out of the game." Theo said. He looked at Addison. "Truth or dare girly?" He asked. Addison rolled her eyes.
"Dare, obviously." She said. Theo smirked. Addison could handle anything he threw at her.
"Drink the entire bottle of Fire-whiskey without stopping to breathe." Theo said. Addison grabbed her Fire whiskey before he even stopped talking and drank the entire thing, then she held her breath and grabbed Theo's bottle, downed it without breathing, and did the same with Blaise and Pansy's, who obviously didn't need it anymore. Theo and Draco looked honestly impressed. Addison smirked. After they snapped out of the shock. Theo looked at Draco.
"Truth or dare mate?" He asked. Draco shrugged.
"Dare I guess." Draco said. Theo looked at Addison for a moment, which confused her. She could handle anything Theo could throw at HER, but what would he be able to throw at Draco that would involve her? Oh no.
"Theo, don't you-"
"Snog Turner." Theo said, interrupting Addison, who looked at Draco. He was already looking at her, Addison had never seen him look at her like that. She didn't know if she liked it or not. He sighed.
"Addison?" He asked. Addison blinked a few times and inwardly cursed Theo.
"Yes?" Addison asked.
"Forgive me." He whispered before leaning in and kissing her, gently and passionately. Her stomach did a flip and she actually kissed him back. Oh great, now she was going to fancy her best friend, thanks a lot Theo.

Addison woke up and smiled. She loved that day so much.
(A/N): Thanks for reading, and I cant wait to see what you do next!
Available characters are:
And anyone you want to walk in at that moment. The only thing I ask, is do not take Addison please! :)


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