Memories of Mercy

Memories of Mercy

Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler is the winged saviour, the medic, well loved and always willing to help others.
On a mission to liberate, she is faced with the horrible discovery that her precious memories are gone. She cannot tell who the people around her are anymore, unsure if she is 'Mercy' anymore.
Her allies and friends are her best hope at regaining those precious memories, but that would mean many of their own would come to light.
It is a gamble they must make, or a life they must take.

Chapter 1

I Need Healing

by: Cozy_Glow
I Need HealingThe enemy had been smart in bunkering in a tight building space, all exits covered. They had expected a fight, but who came with it was not to their liking. Tracer was first, blinking in and out quicker than the men could shoot back. Genji was next, sneaking in the shadows and flushing them out for Reinhart to smash away. Their fourth member was well known and loved.

"I need healing!"

The phrase was common and was always answered by swift wing beats of gold, Healing Stream engaged and reaching for the patient who called: Genji Shimada. Mercy landed beside him, safe from gunfire as she healed him. Genji dove to cover beside her, offering a smile behind his white armour. He always felt better with Angela by his side.

"Sank you, Angera!"

She smiled gently in return, before fluttering away to help Reinhart, his shield about to crack, health so low. She stood behind him, Caduceus staff glowing yellow, then blue as Reinhart charged the enemy, grinning proudly as he swung his hammer. A swift breeze kissed at Mercys' side as the form of Tracer zipped passed and into the fray, firing rapidly and blinking away again. Mercy never liked battle, but to see the relief and freedom and joy on the faces of the once oppressed after the battle was won was so nice to see. Smiles and laughter, thanks of all forms. She felt a smile tug at her lips, but composed herself, keeping eagle eyes on her teammates.
No one quite knew what happened, as they were turned away, but they remembered the sounds and what came after them: a shot that echoed; a pot being smashed; the sound of the Caduceus thunking of the ground; and Angela crumpling to the floor.
Genji was first to turn, watching her fall and he heard himself cry out, before racing to her side. Tracer and Reinhart quickly retreated from the fight, rushing to their fallen medic, their friend. Reinhart scooped the fallen woman, cradling with one arm as he held up his shield, protecting Tracer and Genji, as they quickly evacuated the area to the extraction point. Tracer radioed in, shouting in panicked tones for help.
As the ship landed, soldiers giving cover fire, a sniper perched in shadows aimed down her sights, Tracer in the frame, but her companion put up a taloned hand.

"Not now" he rasped. "Let them go."

The woman sighed her disappointment, but did as she was bid. The two watched their enemies escape. They could bide their time.


Genji held Mercy close to his metal frame, feeling helpless as she was bandaged by the onboard medic. Mercy had sustained a severe head injury and was in dire need of help, one that was far away. Tracer sat by Genji, holding Mercys' hand and giving it a squeeze, tears dusting her cheeks. Reinhart stood over them, looking down in sullen silence as the ship raced and bumped back to base.
Once there, Genji sprinted inside, dodging and diving for the Medical Ward as Mercy began to slip away. He cried out for doctors and nurses, getting Mercy onto a bed, but it was all he could do for her. Nurses ushered Genji away as Mercy was taken away for immediate surgery. He watched her disappear behind medical doors, feeling hollow and helpless beyond endurance. Genji sat down, hands clasped tight. Tracer walked into the room, looking around in concern.

"What is going on?" she asked, taking a seat. "Will she be okay?"
"I do not know."
"Ah, don't worry, love" Tracer gave a small smile and patted Genjis' metal shoulder. "She's tougher than she looks…"
"I cannot do anything" Genji slumped. "I cannot herp her."
"No… guess we can't."

The pair sat in silence, staring at the floor, as they awaited any news of Mercy. It was many hours before a doctor came to them, but Tracer had fallen asleep and the large figure of Winston had arrived. The doctor nodded his greetings, before coughing politely for their attention. Genji did not move.

"Are you here for Angela Ziegler?" he asked.
"Yeah!" Tracer replied, hastily. "What is happening?!"
"She is fine" the doctor replied. "She is resting."
"Do you know what it is that hurt her?" Winston asked, taking the doctors' clipboard.
"It seems to be an… odd injury."
"How so?" Tracer stood and peered at the papers. "…oh, I see."
"When wirr she wake?"

The voice jolted the doctor into slight fear. Genji raised his head and stared through his visor at the doctor, eyes piercing his soul. The doctor gulped and took back his clipboard.

"Tomorrow evening would be ideal for her…"

He hurried away and Genji bowed his head again. The three were silent, but soon, they drifted away to sleep and wait for Angela to wake.

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