Memories of Mercy

Memories of Mercy

Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler is the winged saviour, the medic, well loved and always willing to help others.
On a mission to liberate, she is faced with the horrible discovery that her precious memories are gone. She cannot tell who the people around her are anymore, unsure if she is 'Mercy' anymore.
Her allies and friends are her best hope at regaining those precious memories, but that would mean many of their own would come to light.
It is a gamble they must make, or a life they must take.

Chapter 2


by: Cozy_Glow
Eyes slowly flutter open, blue and sparkling from dreams. The woman looked slowly around the room of white and delicate silver, washed over by the orange glow of the evening sun. It was peaceful and bright, thanks to the large window letting the sun in. Something clicked, and the woman turned to the door, where a man walked in, clipboard in hand, his navy and white uniform clean. He smiled at her and stood by her bedside.

"How are you feeling, Angela?"
The woman blinked at him. Was 'Angela' her name? "Yes, I am fine."
"That's good" he wrote on his clipboard. "You have visitors."
The man nodded as he wrote. "They have been waiting for you to wake. I will let them in for you."

He gave her a smile and left the room, but Angela was not alone for long, for a spritely young woman burst in and jumped onto the bed. The woman grabbed Angela into a tight hug, a tear or two touching the skin. Angela was unsure how to react, at first, but she gently hugged the woman in return, ushering her to not cry. The woman grinned and sat up, wiping her eyes honey eyes.

"Oh, Doctor Ziegler, I'm glad you're alright!" the accent was unmistakably English.
Angela smiled. Doctor Ziegler? "As am I. It seems I may have had an accident."
"Accident? No, no" a large man ducked under the doorframe, face weary, but glad. German. "You were attacked!"
"The doctors say they're not sure what hit you" the woman on the bed said. "Some think something fell on you!"
Angela tilted her head. "Fell on me?"
The voice gave Angela a gentle chill, seeming to come from nowhere. She looked to the door, but no one was there. She looked around, steady, and spied a young man in metal by the opposing wall. He looked sullen, even if he was covered head to toe, as if someone dear had been injured. Me? Angela thought, looking to the man. But, why would he need to worry for me?

"You look something terrible, Doctor Ziegler" the woman said, looking concerned. "Those bandages do nothin' for you!"

As if awakening again, Angela gently reached up to her forehead and felt the rough bandage. She gingerly followed it and felt it curve around her head and down under her chin. Angela felt herself grow upset and the three around her closed in to comfort her, but… she had no true idea who they were. She knew they were friendly, perhaps her friends, but other than that guess, there was nothing.

"It's alright, Angela" the large German said, taking her hand so delicately. "You vill be fine and ready to get back out in the field!"
"Yeah" the woman smiled. "We couldn’t do it with ya!"

Angela smiled a touch, and looked to the young man on the wall. He was quiet and unmoved, but she could feel his gaze.

"I am alright" she smiled at him. He flinched and gave up his sulk to stand by her. "You see? Nothing to worry about."
He sighed. "Hai, Angera, you are. I am grad."

The woman giggled and the young man shot her a glance, slightly annoyed and a little embarrassed. Angela smiled at them, but it began to fade all to quickly as she pondered on things. She barely knew her own name, and now, she had discovered she was a doctor, her last name was Ziegler and these people at her bedside were friends she had no names for. A hand gently touched her chin and she looked up into the honey eyes of the woman.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sad.
"I…" Angela straightened her back, hands in her lap. "I am at a loss."
"A loss?" the German asked, confused.
"How so, Angela?"
"I am sorry to say, but I recall nothing of your names."

The room was silent - deathly silent - as the three by Angelas' bedside stared at her, eyes wide and mouths slightly opened in shock. They exchanged looks of uncertainty and horror, before the young woman cleared her throat.

"Doctor Ziegler, what do you mean?"
"I do not know any of your names" Angela replied, eyes apologetic. "I believe we are friends--"
"We are, and more" the young man said, softly. "I am Genji Shimada."
"Tracer 'ere" the young woman grinned. "Lena Oxton, really!"
"Reinhart Wilhelm" the big German proudly stood tall.
Angela put her hands together, unable to not smile. "I have been told my name is Angela… Ziegler, I assume?"
"Yes, that is you" Reinhardt nodded, smiling. "You are our Doctor and medic. You are 'Mercy'!"
Angela blushed and smiled coyly. "I am sure zat is not--"
"It's your field name" Lena beamed. "People call you 'Mercy' for what you do!"

Angela, though intrigued, felt overwhelmed and her head throbbed. She touched her bandaged head gently, trying to focus, but they could see her struggle and stopped.

"Do not worry, Doctor Ziegler" Lena smiled, standing from the bed. "We'll let you sleep on it."
"I will be back to see you" Reinhardt gently kissed Angelas' hand.

Lena and Reinhardt waved goodbye and left through the door, but Genji stayed behind, silent and sad. Angela patted the bed and he sat by her, not looking to her. Angela could guess he was unhappy about loss of memory, but she knew, by some strange means, it would not be long and he would be alright again. Carefully, she took up one of his hands, feeling the cybernetics move as his hand curled around hers. He still did not look to her.

"Genji…" she paused, before smiling. "We are more than friends, is that so?"
Genji remained quiet and nodded.
"How so are we?"
Genji looked over his shoulder. "Angera… you saved my rife."

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