In Joy

Let me know what you think. Criticism is always welcome- as that's the only way to get better when it's constructive.

Chapter 1


I don't know how to write when in joy
after all- it's been such a long time since I last did
for overall there's been far stronger pain
than there has been euphoria inside my head that's much like this grid

And if I'm going to be honest here
there aren't enough words that I know to describe how I feel
because it's like I'm in this dream
where I'm surrounded by blue skies and trees that are unreal.

This paradise that I'm living in is only part of the story
and though I don't know how to explain the rest
I once told myself to just write how I feel
so here it goes- and I can already sense the pounding in my chest.

I met a boy thanks to a dear friend of mine
and though I'm cautious and setting a pace
I'm finally allowing myself to be in a sense of delight
making my heart take on a high speed chase.

And while this was towards the beginning, I wasn't sure what to expect
but now- now I find myself smiling at each text I read
and I get all giddy and can't help but laugh everytime he's near
which makes me wonder if someone's finally heard my plead.

I've just really never felt so safe with someone for this length of time
and I know it's only been around 4 months now
so as time progresses, a better picture will form
but as of this moment- I can't help but wonder how:

How someone who's personality I've always dreamed of
could like someone like me.
How it is that I feel secure and at peace, yet giddy and childlike.
How I could have gotten so lucky.

And when I think of the way he speaks to me
with the little pet names at every perfect moment
the grin on my face stretches until it hurts just a bit
oozing all of what I imagine as fulfillment.

Just the other night it happened
I heard the farewell- and I heard the name boo
and without even realizing I did so
a smile crossed my face- because subconsciously I think maybe this time it'll last between us two.

So besides being giddy and feeling like I'm in the clouds
matched with the paradise that's surrounding me like I said before
I feel at ease finally- with serenity now rising up in my lungs
not drowning me in the slightest- but relieving the war.

And I could ramble on further about this boy,
like how his hair curls or how his eyes are as bright as stars
or even how his facial hair and how neatly it's trimmed hugs his face,
making me think that we could make the world ours.

However, it has only been four months-
four great months yes- so he knows I'm still taking my time
and I appreciate that patience
because god- I really am for falling him- hard enough that it's made me rhyme.

So what I'm trying to say is
is that I met the most amazing guy
and he's everything I've always wanted
and now he's broken me into feeling like I could fly.


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