The break

This story is about a couple who were seen as the best couple but no one really knew what it took to be together.

Chapter 1

The beginning

by: mob
''hey, wait am not on yet" yelled a blond haired, light skinned girl. "someone, anyone pls...." I continued to yell out while running toward a bus and then with a thud I fell on the ground. "damn it,". "Do you need help" "" I replied as I stared into what I described as crystals that shone quite brightly reminding me of the ocean. "hey are u okay, u had quite a nasty fall there" he asked with a bright and warm smile that almost made me feel so safe. "hellllllo, earth to....." "Am sorry, thank you." "you're welcome, I saw you running after the you need a ride" "omg am so grateful...oh and am lucy" "Am danny..nice to meet u" Then we got into his blue range rover car I felt a bit nervous but for some reason I wasn't scared and I didn't want the journey to end. I found myself staring blindly at him...with his brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, "hey don't stare so much, I might disappear" " sorry. I just...sorry" "hey so would u like to go out sometime" he smiled at me. "yeah I would love...oh hey this is my stop.." "wow, do u school here" "yeah why" "I school here too, am in my senior year" 'how come we have never seen eye to eye""i don't know but am late for my class" I ran off towards the big yellow building with a large bell hung over the side of the building. I turned to say see you later but he had already drove off. I felt a bit of disappointment but a bit excited to see him again. After classes I waited at the school gate with a lot of hope to see him so although I was out in the cold I had my hopes up and then I spotted his car. I tried to wave at him but with the blink of an eye I was eating his dust. I felt so torn and also stupid as I felt the warm water coming out of my eyes turning ice cold because of the weather. "am such an idiot" I murmured to myself while I lost the feelings to my legs and fell on my knees. And the tears wont stop falling down from my eyes. "Hey its cold.....u r going to freeze" "who......" I felt my consciousness slowly fading away...."...". "wake up, are u okay" I opened me eyes and I saw a dark skinned blonde haired man. looking worriedly at me. I stared into his hazelnuts and felt myself being carried again, like nature itself is trying to take me on a beautiful journey. I didn't notice when I smiled at him. "you have such a beautiful" then I realized I was in his arms. "Omg am so sorry" I quickly got up on my feet. "hey your so cold, how long have you been out here" he seemed pretty worried over someone he didn't know. I wondered why he looked and been near him felt so familiar. but also quite different and I kind of liked it. "I would love to stay and chat but I have to run, but I would like if we could go out sometime" I felt I should have disagreed but I didn't realize that this meeting was the beginning of something that I didn't expect.

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