Train of Wonders

Train of Wonders

A very short story

Chapter 1

The Train

by: HoloIsMe
Sighing at the sight of trees going by. You hear a sudden cough at the far corner of the train. Feeling bored, you play with the strings around your wrist thinking about your past. You’ve traveled far distances… but now, today is where you’ll be back.

The train conductor comes walking through the aisle. Small clicking noises are heard repeatedly, echoing through the corridor. You shift your attention to the different colored houses through the window. The visions make you feel sleepy…

The train comes to a sudden stop, people are boarding the train one by one. You didn’t care to look. The train seems crowded and chattering is heard loudly. You start gradually getting emotionless by the noises made by the strangers. Foot taps, fingernails tapping on the side, bags zipped open. You turn to look…

Silence is all you hear…

Silence is what you see…

No one is on the train except you. You get up to walk across the corridor to find any signs of people. The footsteps you make are silent.

You lean into the window where you can feel your own warm breath steaming up against the thick glass. All you see is a bright colored tree with butterflies which surrounds it. They were all emitting bright colored light. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink. All you can think off. You get a chill down your back when thinking of the lively grass which the tree rests on.

Your imagination rushes through your body as you feel creation coming out of your body. Nature overgrows over the train, brightening the corridor. Bunnies start appearing and flowers start blooming. The grass protrudes from the ground beneath you. Your heart starts beating fast as you run to the door to the outside world. The tree of wonder is within your sight as you reach to touch it and the memories, the feelings, the people, from the tree starts flowing into you. The glowing light appears from you. You’re hands are brightly colored as white.

White. Where everything is one, and one is everything.

You hear a sudden cough at the far corner of the train. Then you swiftly turn to look at the train conductor. You pull your train ticket out of your pocket and gave it to him. He smiles as he clicks, you smile back. The train went into a sudden stop once more and you finally stood up and grabbed your bag to leave. Just before you step out of the door.

You turn back to see no one, but only a glistering tree.


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