Restoration of Oath

Restoration of Oath

A very short story

Chapter 1

The Beach Pier

by: HoloIsMe
Promises are made. Promises are secret. Promises are wandering souls.
A sudden thought of whispers shatters the soul inside your mind. It sends you back to your childhood. Your hands are lost in the universe full of darkness. The strongest promise that was made in the last light has been clinging on to your soul for centuries. Your body floats with the ocean wind around you, light as air. You elegantly twirl to feel that sensation pass through your body.

The sun is setting in the worlds most beautiful sky. You turn to run across the shallow sea heading towards the where the eye can’t see limits. The glistering water floats around you like fireflies in the night sky. An orange sky fills your body with hope and freedom as you dance to the music of the ocean. A small pier at the limits of the sea rushes through your mind as it twirls with your chords.

You slow down to step foot on the pier. The sand on your feet makes scratching sounds as you squint to see a silhouette at the very edge. The sky light dims as you widen your eyes to the unwinding of soul. The shadow raises it’s hand, you also raise your hand. Your eyes start watering with joy and sadness as you break free of your bounded chains, rushing towards the shadow with pride. You grab hold of the shadow and wrap your arms around with all your might. The shadow holds you tight. Your hands were once lost in the darkness but struggled it’s way through to find it’s fate. The strings have tied itself together to make a knot. In the last light.


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