It means "saviour save you" wonder Tom Avery was a parmedic and Stefan Salvatore was always playing the hero (they were the two "good" Salvatores after all)

Chapter 1


our friends can join us if interested

Birth Name: Chastity Avery
Married Name: Chastity Avery Gilbert
Nickname: Chas
Petname: Angel
Alias: Avery Salvatore
Married Alias: None
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: July 5th 1989
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Engaged
Appearance: long blonde hair, Hazel eyes, light make up, slightly tanned
Personality: A Popular Girl Next Door
Title: none
Reputation: Peace Keeper
Description: The Unknown Salvatore
Inner Circle: Angela, Melissa, Daisy, Danielle, Melissa and Wesley
Best Friends: Tom Avery, Stefan, Elena, Damon, Jeremy, Tyler, Silas, Kai, Matt, Bonnie, Enzo, Caroline, Bonnie and Alaric
Close Friends: Freya, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, Hayley, Davina, Kaleb, Lexi, Jackson, Aiden, Josh, Nick and Mary
Other Friends: Valerie, Nora, Sybil, Georgie, Lexi and Meredith
Frenemies: Marcel, Cami, Vincent and Sofya
Enemies: everyone else
Love Interest: Jeremy Gilbert
Lover: none
Crush: Kai Parker
Ex: Enzo St John he murdered Tom
Rival: none
Family: Tom Avery (Desceased Older Brother)
Honorary Family: Angela Mikaelson
Future Family: Jeremy Gilbert (Husband), Thomas Gilbert (Son) and Avery Gilbert (Daughter)
Occupation: Med Student studying to be a nurse
Extra: considers her friends family

Birth Name: Angela Anastasia Mikaelson
Married Name: Angela Anastasia Mikaelson Salvatore
Nickname: Ange
Petname: Sweetheart
Alias: Angel Mikaels
Married Alias: Angel Cooper
Gender: Female
Age: 28/1040+ (two years younger than Elijah)
Birthday: July 5th 975 or 976 A.D
Birthplace: Mystic Falls
Species: Original Vampire
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Married
Appearance: long dark brown hair that's always clipped up unless lazy, chocolate brown eyes, wears jeans, tank tops and hoodies unless its a special occasion and doesn't need much makeup just a little bit of lipgloss since she's naturally beautiful
Personality: A Popular Girl Next Door
Title: Lady Angela Mikaelson
Reputation: The Nice Mikaelson
Description: Middle Mikaelson Sibling
Inner Circle: Avery, Chastity, Daisy, Danielle, Melissa and Wesley
Best Friends: Davina, Elena, Georgie, Jeremy, Kol, Meredith, Nora, Silas, Sybil, Tatia, Tyler and Valerie
Close Friends: Aiden, Amara, Ambrose, Anna, Alaric, Bonnie, Damon, Elijah, Enzo, Freya, Hayley, Jackson, Josh, Kai, Kaleb, Keelin. Kelly, Lexi, Lee, Matt, Mikael, Nadia, Niklaus, Rebekah, Stefan, Sarah, Tom Avery and Vicki
Other Friends: Aaron, Jo, Joey, Katherine, Liam, Lily, Liv and Luke
Frenemies: Cami, Caroline, Marcellus, Sofya, Tristan and Vincent
Enemies: everyone else
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Lover: Ambrose while he was possessing Stefan
Crush: Tom Avery
Baby Daddy: Silas
Ex: Silas and Ambrose (both Desceased)
Rival: none
Family: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Freya (Oldest Sister), Finn (Oldest Brother), Elijah (Older Brother), Niklaus (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Kol (Younger Brother), Rebekah (Younger Sister), Henrik (Deceased Youngest Brother), Freya's unborn son (Deceased Nephew), Hope Mikaelson (Niece via Niklaus), Marcellus Gerard (Adoptive Nephew via Niklaus) and Davina Claire (Adoptive Niece via Marcellus)
Honorary Family: Silas, Valerie, Tatia and Davina
Future Family: Stefan Salvatore (Husband), Damon Salvatore (Brother In Law), Lily Salvatore (Mother In Law), Sarah Nelson Salvatore (Distant Niece via marriage), Silas (Ancestor through marriage/Baby Daddy), Jacob Salvatore (Step Son via Stefan and Valerie), Tatia Mikaelson (Oldest Daughter), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Oldest Son), Ally Salvatore (Youngest Daughter), Christopher Parker (Son in law via Tatia), Nikolina Konstantinova Mikaelson and Santana Parker (Granddaughters via Tatia), Malachai Parker Junior and Silas Parker (Grandsons via Tatia), Luke Lockwood Tyler and Caroline's son (Son in law via Stefan Junior), Pawel Tomasz Salvatore (Adopted Grandson via Stefan Junior), Michael St John made up character/son of Bonnie and Enzo (Son in Law via Ally) and Angela Salvatore (Granddaughter via Ally)
Occupation: Socialite
Extra: Loves to write fan fiction/considers her friends family

Birth Name: Wesley Scarlet Saltzman
Married Name: Wesley Salvatore
Nickname: Wes
Petname: Honey
Alias: Scarlet Sommers
Married Alias: Scarlet McCullough (bad with names)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: July 5th Not my actual birthday but the birthday for my character
Birthplace: Mystic Falls
Species: Vampire
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Engaged
Appearance: Long brown hair, slim and athletic build
Personality: Mix between reckless and carefree protector
Title: Little Saltzman
Reputation: Strict Hunter
Description: Alaric's little sister
Inner Circle: Angela, Avery, Chastity, Daisy, and Melissa
Best Friends: Rebekah and Damon
Close Friends: Alaric, Jenna, Elena, Jeremy, Tyler, Stefan and Hayley
Other Friends: Elijah, Kol, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo, Vincent, Marcel and Josh
Enemies: everyone who hurts her family
Love Interest: Damon Salvatore
Lover: Matt Donovan
Crush: Lucien Castle
Baby Daddy: Damon
Ex: Kol Mikaelson
Rival: Elena Gilbert
Family: Alaric (Brother), Isobel and Josette (Sister in laws), Lizzie and Josie (nieces), Elena (Niece)
Honorary Family: inner circle
Future Family: Damon Salvatore (Husband), Stefan Salvatore (brother in law), Jacob, Stefan and Ally (Nephews and niece), Boone, Fiona and Richard (Children)
Occupation: Hunter
Extra: None

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