Alabaster Shade

I usually don't do creepy/scary/macabre stuff despite my love for it, because I want to do the horror genre justice. Any tips to make this better are welcome.

Chapter 1


Frida slowly opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling of her new home; the paint was chipped leaving white holes in a sea of baby blue. Happily she stretched her arms and legs feeling the vast space in her king size bed which she had all to herself. She swung her legs over the side and let her toes enjoy the plush carpet she'd had put in. The bedroom, though small, was part of a three story Victorian era home; most of it's rooms weren't as large as other homes offered, but there were more of them, which is what she preferred.

She could hear the slightest of bird chirps from outside, so she looked to the window. Her curtains were black and made of thick material; her sleep patterns were irregular thus she used them to sleep in daytime, though she'd went to bed at eleven last night. She pushed away her numerous covers and stretched her arms again, happy to hear that her property wasn't without woodland neighbors.

She stood up to feel a cool draft in the room.

She walked around the bed in her white shorts and black bra, and past her mahogany desk that was pushed up against the west wall.

When she reached the window the whole room grew colder until the hair on her arms were stood on end, despite the warmth that should have drifted upstairs due to summer heat. A feeling of dread passed through her as she reached for the curtain, so she let her hand drop back to her side. She felt slightly sick to her stomach a of a sudden.


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